Word’s power vs action’s power

Words can be very powerful if a person used them in the right time and the in right way. Words have the ability to destroys a person’s life or improves it but actions are stronger than words. There are some people who say ńwords are actions but that is not true. A person’s actions and behaviors show others his real personality.

Actions: A person does something.

Words: The things people or a person says or writes.

Words do not have any value or true meaning if a person’s actions are the opposite. A person does not need to tell other his plans, goals in life, he should show them by his actions. Words may get misunderstood by some people but actions do not!

Usually, actions such as when a person helps others by any way ( physically ) can let them feel happier than just telling them he wants to help them. If he does not tell them he wants to help them, it means he did not make a promise but when he says he will help them, he might be their only one who says this to them and if he could not help them they will be deeply disappointed in him but when he helps them they will be surprised and feel happier if he did not promise them.

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