Way of living

In life,there are three types of people. Each person could be or like a stone, water or a tree. There are some sad or bad  times come in every person’s life. A person should do his best to be strong while he is having a problem and always have hope to solve it or to do the things he really wants.

A Stone

When a person is like a stone or a rock it means he does not change his mind or behaviour even if he is wrong. Even if everyone think he is wrong or he is the reason of other people’s problems. Usually people who are like this, get crushed from inside. Most of the time, people who behave like this do not communicate with others easily and they are usually closed-minded.


When a person is like water it means he can easily  go every place and do anything he wants. He can easily be changed into another person. It doesn’t matter if he become good or a bad person, if anyone tried to change him. Also, he can easily create his own path or way of living if he really wanted to, most of the times he does not care about others.

A Tree

A tree stays in place for a long time. Its roots can go through the ground or anything else if it is a strong tree just to reach water. It always stays standing upright no matter what the weather is. In the same time it goes from side to side when there is strong wind.

A person should be like a tree because it has most benefits. He should not change his good manners and behaviour. He should always improve himself to become a better person and always do the things he thinks are right and suits himself. He should work through hard times and easy times like the tree roots, to get the things he really wants in life. A person should never feel embarrassed or have his head down if he did not get the things he wanted. He should have his head up at all times and just keep trying to reach the things he really wants. Sometimes a person needs to change his thoughts about certain things or do somethings just because other asked him to, this situation is similar to a tree top and the wind.  When a person be similar to a tree, his life might get a lot easier than before.

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