Valuable Lessons

A person may learn from others some life lessons. He should search for them if he or she wants to improve himself or herself, he may not know the true value of the lessons he understood at that time. He may learn new ways to help him to improve himself and his life. He may need others to talk to him or her, she may learn new helpful things, behaviors just by watching other’s behaviors or their response towards him or her. Sadly, most of the times a person do not realize the true value of the things he learns from others by their behaviors.

 Here are two examples:

1.  A person may start to behave in a certain way because a person responded to him in a way, he felt happy about and he or she wants to let others feel happy too. Such as a person says good things and the other response, you too have them or things similar to that.

2.  Sometimes a specific person may tell another person to prevent himself to do a specific thing. Such as, a girl  was watching a sad show ( a show that has sad parts ) a man came in to the room and saw the girl, had said ( why are you watching this, it has sad parts, she said: it does not make me feel sad, he said :always watch things that gives you happy feelings, it is better for you.)  Sadly a person may not realize the real lessons when they just happen. Usually, a person understands these kinds of life lessons when he or she becomes older.  That person understood he or she should not focus on the sad things that happen in life. Those kinds of things may not make a problem for a person if he did not learn them but, they make a person’s life easier. A person should also not to forget to thank the people who taught him these kinds of life lessons.

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