Understand yourself first

There are sometimes a person tries his best to explain to others the things he needs in life but people he talks to, won’t understand him. He begins to ask himself questions such as why people I usually easily express my feelings with or tell them my problems now have tough times to understand me? Usually, people won’t understand a person they really know for a while is because of two main reasons, the first: he might not really tell them everything in his life. The second reason: He does not understand his own emotions and ideas.

Usually, when a person does not understand himself, it will be hard for others to understand him. A person should understand himself, his thoughts, feelings and the things he really wants first then it will be easier for others to understand him. Usually, when a person has hard times letting others understand him, it means he has lots of thoughts in his mind or one idea but it means everything to him that he ignores everything else even if he was talking to others, without him knowing.

Most of the times when a person understands himself, feelings, thoughts, and emotions he will be more relaxed when he communicates with others. The best and quick way a person can understand his own emotions, ideas and feelings are to be having some prevent to think about them. There are some people hate to be alone thinking being alone means being lonely. This idea is not right. Sometimes a person needs to be alone to prevent other people and life events to interfere with his thoughts.

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