The truth about love

Most people talk about love these days, love means a person feels attached to a specific person without any reason. Love is the most powerful feelings. People may be together as ( marriage ) because of their love to each other. Sadly, there are some people uses ( love ) as an excuse for their bad behaviours.

Love is beautiful but it is like anything else in life few behaviours from some people may change the meaning of love or the idea people should have about it. Love means being honest and loyal to a specific person and do not create any kind of problems for him or her. Real love feelings prevents or do not let himself  be the reason of their problems. Usually when a person loves a specific person, he treats him well and he treats other people slimmer to that person except for the love feelings part. That means if a person do not allow herself  to hurt her loved one’s feelings, she usually do not hurt other people’s feelings too.

The truth about love is it is feelings some people feel, it means not all people in the world have love in their life. Sadly most of the times when a person loves a specific person, that person does not have the same feelings towards him. Love does not always  mean two people like each other in the same way. Trust is the most important thing in love. Whenever a person do anything ( any behaviour ) that hurts his partners feelings deeply, it most of the times means the love feelings will be gone.

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