The right timing

Usually words means more if they are said in the right timing. The time or situation words are said in are the things that makes the words proper words to say or not. Most of the times if the words are said after certain situation had passed, they does not have any emotional meanings.

There are some people like to say to others anything they have in their minds, this is good thing because most of the times a person will be honest with others. Unfortunately when a person a person do not try to choose the right timing to say the things he wants,  others might think he do not respect their feelings or their conversations. Such as if there are two people talking together and one person sitting with them just said a word just because he felt it but it does not relate to the topic they are talking about, they might think he does not respect them or their feelings.

A person should think of the timing of the things or words he will say them in, this way he might get more attention and respect from others. The timings depend on how are the people he will talk to are feelings, such as if a person is really sad,depressed and he want to say a joke. He should not say jokes in that timings and should try to let the sad person feel happier by thinking together of the ways he and that person could do to remove his sadness or if there is silence in a room that has people but one person felt not comfortable with it, he should not just say any word, he even did not put in a sentence.




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