Teenagers lives

Usually teenagers has their own problems, emotional problems. Most of the times teenagers, girls and boys are treated as kids but people expect them to behave as mature grownups. A teenager means a person who is not a kid anymore but not a grown up person ( above 19 years. ) Most of the times teenagers’ emotions are stronger than they are, this is the reason most of the times teenagers’ behaviours are not in control.

Most teenagers have their own emotion problems, this is one of he reason most teenagers are angry most of the time. A teenager usually has hard times to understand herself or himself, his or her feelings towards others and ideas. Most of the times teenagers needs others help, not physical help but help to let them understand different things in life.

Usually most of the times, girls and boys feel they have several crushes on different people in that time, this does not mean a person cannot find his or her love in life. Most of the times teenagers have combined or complicated feelings. A person may love a specific person and wants to live his or her entire life with.

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