Teenagers and love

Most of the times when a person is a teenager his or her emotions forces her or him or lets him or her to do different behaviors. Usually, teenagers have tough times understanding themselves, boys and girls. This is why most teenagers can easily be nerves or angry. Usually, teenagers quickly judge others, such as if a person likes something specific about another person then this means for him or her, that feelings mean to to love and wants to live with him or her for the rest of her or his life.

Usually a teenager, a male or female can quickly be attracted and not attracted to a person. This does not mean a teenager will never find love in his life. There are sometimes a teenager may find her or his love. Love does mean have to be two people, men and women have feelings for each other. Love can be felt just by one person towards another person. Usually, it is hard for a teenager to know if the feelings she or he feels towards a specific person is a crush or love, this is why a teenager may have several crushes.

Teenagers usually do not have self-control. This is why usually teenagers do not control their emotions, feelings from showing. Usually, a teenager overreacts or his feelings control his thoughts and behaviors more than his ideas.

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