Take care of Earth 

Till now no one discovered life ( as we are living on Earth) on other planets. People should really try not to damage Earth and take care of it. Earth is our home, houses should be protected from any damage, such as polluted air, polluted water and other important things.

Air is very important for all creations. People need fresh air to breath, animals and plants needs fresh air to grow. Usually fresh or clean air are in places where fewer factories and other stuff that releases gas into the air. Most of the times when a person takes care of anything, it becomes better, The animals and air needs our help. People need to always try to make Earth a better place to live in, to have more pure air .


The whole environment needs to be clean for a person to live a good life. A person is similar to a plant, if his environment is unhealthy, most likely he won’t be in a good health.

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