Add your personality, make a difference

It is a beautiful and satisfying feeling to have when you added something good to the world. It can be anything that is not harmful to others such as it can be writing a good, helpful article, book or an art related such as taking photos or drawing and displaying them to others. By creating something you are changing a specific thing or an idea such as if you wrote a book about how people can solve their problems, there will be one more helpful book that can help people to solve their problems and improve their ways of living. A person cannot always know how effective his words on others or how many people could had read or saw his, her work and was inspired by it or how it could had been a reason a person smiled that day!

Inspiration may come from lots of things, I think it just needs a person to be ready. Every person can add something made by him/ her into the world. I think a person should not wait until the inspiration arrives. I think a person should go out physically, not just sitting in one closed place almost all week .

An writer should never stop sharing his/ her ideas even if their were discouraged by other people’s opinion because you will never know who read your book, article and improved their lives. I think that is one of the reasons I love writing, it could be writing a blog post, just brain storming ideas or a book. Sharing something with large group of people such as book selling means you are sharing your ideas, a part of your personality with other people that you do not know.

I would like to read your comments, What do you do to add something beautiful, to the world ? As you can see I use writing and photography as a tool. What about you ?

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Other languages and information

There are many languages in the world that people use to communicate together. There are some people think there are some languages better than others but I think it should be the more languages a person knows how to use them is the better if he uses them by communicating with others, reading and writing.

Books and others readable things could have many important information that any person could use is he knew about it. I think the most important thing a person gets the idea of the paragraph or book is more important than if he read the book in its original language or translated in other language. Of corse if a person could read the original book is better but if he could not for any reason he could take the translated book of the same thing. It is right there are may some information from the book might get lost or not translated but at least a person gets some information about that subject.

I think languages should be used to communicate with others and gather information that has value for a person regardless what language it comes in,  Translated or notsuch as in english or arabic.

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New you plan

There is no perfect person in life or flawless, but a person should always improve his personality. There are many ways a person could use to improve himself or change something in his personality and life to make them better. When a person tries to improve himself, it means he is really growing up or becoming a mature person.

Most people like to let their new personality to appear to others with the new year, others like to let it be with their birthday date. Every birthday a person has means a day to welcome or to begin living his or her life with her or his new, improved personality. A person may notice from other people’s response to him or her if her or his behaviours were right or wrong. A person may also let a specific person tells him, or shows him his, flows by asking him.

Most of the times a person needs to write on a paper the things he or she wants to change in his or her personality on any place she or he could see it regularly. He or she should read it frequently until the date he or she puts for the new, improved personality to reveal. A person should put a date or a day to let his or her new, improved personality to show. It is better for a person to train himself or herself on the new personality for a while, such as if a person wants to be more organised with his or her place and ideas , she or he should try to be organised but if he or she failed for the first time she or he should keep trying and some days she or he could just stop trying for a day then in the second day she or he should try again till the day or date he or she had put to be from that day and on in the new personality.

Changing the things in the list, a person wants or needs to be every year depends on the progress of that person. Each person is different, such as a person may need to change a specific habbit he could change it in few weeks but sometimes he needs some longer time, he may need to put that goal in the next year list if he had associate his personality improvements with his birth day.

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Social places and relationships

In these days most people use social media. There are some people use social medial to sell their products. Most people use them to express their opinions and ideas. There are sometimes a person may start a conversation with others in those places too. Social media places are like anything in life, it can be used for good or bad ways.

Unfortunately, these days some people focus more on their social media friends more than their real life’s relationships. This is one of the reasons real life relationships do not last for a life time, specially marriage. Any person needs to be available all of his time for the other partner, in his mind, thoughts and physically.

Relationships, specially married people should be very careful when dealing with them. Partners, husband and wife’s relationships usually are very sensitive. Usually people who are in relationships wants the relationship to last forever. One of the tips they could use is to avoid using any of the social media places all of the times and use that time to be closer to each other with their feelings through communicating or talking. They should never publish or put in any social media place their problems or things others did to them because this way they tell everyone who reads the things they have written the things the other person had done, specially bad things. This way may prevent a person who did the wrong thing to apologise and it may let him feel some hate feelings towards that person. A person should use any social media properly by not using them while the time he needs to be with others or the time others needs him with them.

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