How did It start?

I love writing very much. I always write down on paper everything, thoughts and feelings even before there was the idea of social media accounts. Then my father told me about Twitter then I created an account for me there. I started to put tweets there and some of them were long tweets ( they took several tweets to get to the idea I wanted to share )

Then my sister suggested that I create a blog to write in it since it does not has any typing ( characters) limit. We made 3  blogs till now ( they are not working now, except this one ) I know most people say it’s better to share your thoughts face to face but most of the times I feel writing or sharing my ideas in writing is better at least for me because it helps me to rearrange and rethink my thoughts and opinions about a specific topic and it lets me be more reasonable.

When I first started writing in a blog, my writing was not perfect nor it is near this article, I meant I was worse and I think I am getting better. Everyone can learn a new skill by observing others and applying to his own life, for me I watched YouTube videos and took people’s point of view in consideration and did my best to let my work of writing be the best it can be in the time it was published in.

I think of writing anything is kind of freedom from anything that might put pressure on me, and sometimes ( not often ) it’s kind of communication. It can be seen as an art, in my opinion, most of the times, it depends on how a writer delivers his thoughts to the readers. I am NOT writings about topics such as news or facts, I meant the articles that have the writer perspective in them.


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Other languages and information

There are many languages in the world that people use to communicate together. There are some people think there are some languages better than others but I think it should be the more languages a person knows how to use them is the better if he uses them by communicating with others, reading and writing.

Books and others readable things could have many important information that any person could use is he knew about it. I think the most important thing a person gets the idea of the paragraph or book is more important than if he read the book in its original language or translated in other language. Of corse if a person could read the original book is better but if he could not for any reason he could take the translated book of the same thing. It is right there are may some information from the book might get lost or not translated but at least a person gets some information about that subject.

I think languages should be used to communicate with others and gather information that has value for a person regardless what language it comes in,  Translated or notsuch as in english or arabic.

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Word’s power vs action’s power

Words can be very powerful if a person used them in the right time and the in right way. Words have the ability to destroys a person’s life or improves it but actions are stronger than words. There are some people who say ńwords are actions but that is not true. A person’s actions and behaviors show others his real personality.

Actions: A person does something.

Words: The things people or a person says or writes.

Words do not have any value or true meaning if a person’s actions are the opposite. A person does not need to tell other his plans, goals in life, he should show them by his actions. Words may get misunderstood by some people but actions do not!

Usually, actions such as when a person helps others by any way ( physically ) can let them feel happier than just telling them he wants to help them. If he does not tell them he wants to help them, it means he did not make a promise but when he says he will help them, he might be their only one who says this to them and if he could not help them they will be deeply disappointed in him but when he helps them they will be surprised and feel happier if he did not promise them.

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The way a person uses his words

Some people do not pay attention to their way of talking and the words they use. They often wonder when other people get upset with them. A person should never forget other people have emotions and feelings too. Usually, a person way of talking and behaving have the power to control the listener’s way of responding.

Words can be powerful. They may have the power to destroys a person’s life or improves it.  They may be the reason for new, good beginnings in a person’s life. Usually, a person way of talking and behaving have the power to control the listener way of responding.

A person may give a word many meanings, it depends on the way he uses. A person may say a specific word in a criticizing way, then most of the times he really means the opposite meaning of it. Each person should choose wisely the words and the way he wants or needs to use them in because his words could hurt other people’s feelings.

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Self Control

One of the best things a person could do for himself is to have stable self-control, he or she controls her emotions, she or he chooses the feelings that she wants to show for others. It does not mean acting. It means a person does not let his feelings or emotions control his behaviors and responds towards others.

Self-control allows a person to be strong and have reasonable thinking in front of others, in many situations. Such as if a person is angry instead of shouting at others the things he wants, he tells them or asks them in a polite way. Being angry or nerves does not give anyone the right to be impolite when he communicates with others.

When a person does not think about his responds and behaviors before he or she acts, his behaviors will be guided by his emotions, not by his mind or thoughts. It is very good for any person to behave naturally or behaves by the things he usually do but there are in some situations a person needs to think just for few seconds about his responds and behaviors in front of others so he won’t be like just an emotional talking person who does not have any logic in his words.

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Men and Women

These days, there are some people fight for woman’s rights. It is a very good thing for any person, women or a man to have all of his rights. Unfortunately, some people just like to talk about this subject and fight for it even if the women in her or his country have all of her rights. There should be no rules to prevent a person to do anything just because of his sex, such as just because she is a woman she cannot do specific things or the opposite.

There is some woman just like to fight for women’s rights that they forget to behave like a woman! ًWomen should always be calm and confident when she communicates with others, such as if a woman shouts or say impolite words to others while communicating with them, she loses some of the things that let her look or be a woman. There are in life behaviors only men do and some behaviors only women should do.

When a woman tries to be like a man, such as taking certain roles in life, or even if she does things just to prove others they are wrong, she stops being a woman anymore. A woman is a person who believes in her self and she knows she does not need to do anything just to prove others anything or just to show them she is able to do certain things.

Sadly, people who always fight for women’s rights ignore the facts that men have feelings. Usually, they just fight for woman’s rights ( even if the things they say should never be a women’s right ) and they ignore men’s rights. Boys, men, and fathers can have deep feelings for others too. In some places, people do not treat men (fathers) as they should be treated. They treat them as if fathers do not have feelings towards their children!

                Love to Men 

Sadly, these days some people treat love as if it only belongs to women. This idea is wrong, not realistic and it is unfair. Men do love. Usually love is stronger than men, they cannot hide it for a long time. Usually, men have the power or want to do anything his woman wants just to let them feel happy.

Love to women 

Usually, when a woman really loves a man, she will be honest, loyal to him all of the times and never take advantage of him. She sees him as the only person who really can protect her from anything bad or sad that happiness in life. She will be always ready to help him or at least try to help him to solve all of his problems all of the times.

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