True Happiness

True happiness is a feeling a person may feel in his life. It is not from anything that happiness from people although some behaviors others this may interfere with his happiness or sadness. Most people think happiness comes from other people or when a person is with others. That idea may be created because when a person was a baby or a child, his happiness always comes when he plays with others or grownups as a person has grown-ups play with him.

Usually a person realizes his happiness can only be controlled by himself. There are sometimes a person’s happiness may be disturbed from outside problems ( if they are really big, complicated ) but most of the times true happiness is from inside a person no matter who he is living, if he has problems or not. Most of the times if a person is in a bad mood, it is a result of his own thoughts. His ideas are powerful, if he thought of a happy idea, he will be happy and if he thought of a sad idea he will be sad. This does not mean the things in the outside world, such as people around him and the circumstances he is in does not interfere with his feelings.

A person should try not to let his happiness with other people or linked with other people’s happiness. Whenever a person discovers his happiness map is with him and only he can be happy, almost no one can let him really feel sad if he was happy because he will most likely feel he has a wall prevent other people’s words and behaviors from interfering with his emotions. Most of the times a person can decide if he wants to be happy or sad in any circumstances, this really means a person’s happiness switch is with himself.

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Unstable thoughts

There are sometimes a person feels his mood and his ideas are not stable in his mind or he receives to many information from others. Sometimes a person feels he is lost in his ideas. Usually a person feels that feeling few times in his life.

Most of the times when a person feels he is lost or do not have anything that really take his attention in his life, it means he needs to have some private time to rearrange his ideas, believes. Usually a person’s behaviours are the results of his ideas. When a person’s thoughts are not really clear to himself he should prevent himself from behaving.

Each person may have some while of unstable ideas. When a person do not understand his life he may begin to over think and decide on a specific thing but after few minutes he changes his mind. Usually when a person have to many or opposite thoughts, he likes to think about them to know which idea and information is right and which one is wrong.

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Eye Messages

Eye contact is very powerful but it may get misunderstood since it does not use words or sign language. Most of the times eye contact reveals a person’s true feelings. Some people who are good with eye contact may send messages to others just by their look in their eyes.
There are some people do not think eye contact really important at any time.

Eye contact can send many different kinds of messages such as hate, love, anger or sadness. If two people are sitting together in the same room but not really close to each other, they may communicate just through their eyes.

Most of the times eye to another eye contact is known for love. This is not always true. Eye contact could be used to send any kind of messages to the other person. Off course the stronger their relationship the easier and better they will be understanding each other silent messages or eye to eye messages will be.

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Say it to believe it

There are sometimes a person is convinced in a specific idea but he does not have the courage to say it to others or he is a little shy to see others hear his idea from himself. There can be several reasons for that feeling. There is a way a person can do to prevent himself from being shy and tell others the things he wants to tell them about.

A person can repeats in his mind, the ideas or the things he wants to tell others about and really think about them. He needs to also think if he is really convinced in that idea or not. Usually, if a person is convinced in any thought he can easily let others be convinced in it too. Each person has his own way of letting himself feel stronger but that idea may work for most people.

Some people say a person repeats a lie until he believes it is true. It means repetition lets a person have more courage to say this thing he wants or needs to say. When a person repeats and remembers anything in his mind, he also remembers or feels the same feelings again, such as if a person was in a situation and he felt strong, whenever he remembers the situation he remembers his true strength.

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Grow up in mind but stay young

There are some people think growing up or when they reach certain age, they need to behave by certain ways. Some people think they must have less fun in life than before since they are order than before. Those ideas are not right because it limits a person’s freedom, his ideas and happiness in life.

Growing up means a person know how to estimate which behaviour he can, should do in a certain situation. A grown up does not mean a person should not have fun in his life. He should have fun in any age. A person should stay young from inside ( his feelings and thoughts about himself ) but deals with life with a grown up way of thinking.

A person’s way of thinking about life and his behaviours towards his problems shows if he is really a grown up  person or not. Growing up means a person could forgive others for most of the things  ( little things.) Each person needs to have fun in his life, it mean a person should not live his life seriously.

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Get excited life with your thoughts

Each person has an image in his mind of happiness he wants to have in his or her life. A person’s happy photo or thought has the power to let a person be happy or excited about life or feels sad and not excited. Usually, a person’s thoughts are powerful.

A person’s ideas have the ability to destroy a person’s life and it can help a person to improve it. It depends on the person. A person’s happy thought could be at the same time his weakness, it means a person may have his strength from a specific thought and weakness from that same idea.

It is good for a person to have a specific thing, thoughts that let him feel happy but he or she should not let it control his life. Most of the times the most important thing in a person’s life is the same thing that brings him or her happiness or sadness. Sometimes a person’s happy thought could be his or her goal in life. A person should have a goal or something she or he really wants in his or her life.

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Clean body means clean ideas

There are sometimes in life a person may have some thoughts that let him or her be angry. A person needs to clean his or her ideas, similar to when he or she cleans her body when he or she gets a bath or shower. Usually, when a person has a bath or a shower he or she washes or cleans her or his body from all the bad smell, the bad smell is similar to thoughts a person may have that let him or her be angry.

Whenever A person has bad ideas he or she gets angry for aa few minutes from, he or she could go have a bath or a shower to wash away the bad idea he or she had. Whenever a person link in his or her thoughts that washing, taking a bath or a shower means a person gets rid of any ideas he or she thought about and it let her or him be angry from, the bath or shower time will be relaxing time for him or her even if the shower was really quick. It is better for a person to prevent himself from thinking deeply into anything he does not see any hope in it or anything he gets angry from.

Most of the times a person gets to different moods through the day due to his thoughts and the things that happen to him. A person should always try to let himself to be in a happy mood if he wants to feel he has a happy life. A person’s happiness could come from lots of things such as solving problems or going out for some hours. A person does not always need to do big things in his life to have fun. Most of the times when a person get rid of any bad thoughts he had or ideas that let him be angry, he will have a happier life than before.

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Mind and Feelings

There are some people’s emotions control their behaviours. Most of the times when a person’s emotions control his behaviours, his actions and behaviours won’t be reasonable. There are some situations a person needs to behave only by his thoughts, such as if a person thinks a specific person did something wrong, he says his opinion. In other situations a person may need to behave by his feelings or emotions such as if a person saw his friend crying or upset, he should sit and talk, to let him feel better.


Usually, men are known, for their self-control and thinking way. They do not behave by certain behaviors just because of their emotions. Most of the times their feelings do not come over their thoughts and behaviors. Meanwhile, in some situations, men’s feelings or emotions can really control their behaviors such as if a man really loves a specific woman.


Women are known for their emotions controlling their behaviors more than their ideas. They are the the opposite of men. This does not mean all women think with their emotions. There are sometimes a woman may just behave by her ideas but most or all woman’s behaviors are based on her emotions.

Each person may need to behave in certain moments in his life just by his ideas and not his emotions and sometimes a person may need to behave by his feelings or emotions. Men and women have feelings and emotions, both of them may need to behave just by their ideas and at other times by their feelings and emotions.


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Begin with happiness,end it with happiness

The ways a person starts and ends his day are very important. Most of the times when a person do or see anything he likes or love,it will affect his mood for almost his entire day. Almost anything can affect a person’s mood.

Usually a person’s mood can easily be effected just before he sleeps and in the second he wakes up. That means a person could watch or hear anything he likes and let him relax while he gets ready for sleep to have a good sleep. A person’s mode before he or she sleeps can affect his dreams,nightmares.

The things a person see or hears and even thinks about can affect his dreams,specially a person’s thoughts. A person’s ideas are the most effective things can help create a person’s dream or nightmare. A person needs to end his day with things he has fun with and tries to begin his day with the most thing that brings him happiness just before he begins to think seriously about his day or life he will feel happy or relaxed for the rest of his day.

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Own Opinion

Every person should show his own opinion. There are some people think since some group of people said anything,the things they say is always true. They copy their words to others and if anyone asked them about their own opinion, they do not know how to respond. It is good for a person to like other people’s ideas or opinions but it is better if a person have his own idea.

A person should say his own ideas and beliefs because these things are the things which shows his personality. Any person, no matter what is his age is should show his opinion. A person opinion is the thing that makes a person be mature or not. When a person copies other people’s opinion all of the times, it means he removes himself from life, he removes his personality.

Each person has different personality, it shows by his or her behaviours, opinions and ideas. Most or all of the times any person behaviours starts as an idea then if a person is convinced in it, that idea will be his behaviour and opinions.

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