The art of communication

Conversation; At least two people are sharing some information equally.

Speech: most of the times,only person is speaking.

I love when people put feelings in theirs way of speaking, such as when a person tells others something with excitement, the audience can feel the excitement he had felt because of his voice tone, as he lets his voice be little higher, the listeners will likely be more interested and excited to hear what is the next thing he will say.

That above example is different then screaming or shouting.

I think there are special occasions a person may need to say a speech but I think for not formal occasions; people being together and a person starts a speech, it is rude and disrespectful for others especially if they were not asked.

I noticed sometimes if people are in a group then, a person say something about a topic then continuously talks non stop. I think it is not polite behavior, just to ignore anybody.

There are some situations, the talking is always from one person only, he, do not let others say their opinion because he is in a rush to talk. Most of those times I get nervous because I think that they person is not trying to keep up the conversation but turning it to a speech and not considering other people’s rights and feelings.

I personally do not like speeches except if the situation needs it because they usually serve only one thing and do not show others (the speaker’s ) real personality due to its being pre- planned. I think they are very good for graduating for example.

What about you? What are your thoughts?

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Use your voice

I have noticed some people do not really care to the way they speak in. They keep their voice to the same level throughout the entire speech or conversations. I think that is not a good way to speak. Each person can change his voice such as he could scream in excitement if the thing he talks about is exciting, his audience will most likely get excited with him.

Voice changing in any conversation is similar to writing when using bold, Italic, and underline. It lets the writing be more attractive to others and the lets people pay attention to the important things in the writing. I think conversations should be held similar to that way.

Most of the times if a person speaks for long times (even if a person is with friends and family) if he dose not change his voice tone, or way of speech most likely the topic that he speaks about will be boring to others to hear.

The key is for a person to know when to use which tone of his voice in a conversation.

Sadly, I notice most people do not pay attention to the previous thought while it is very Important and it could be applied to any language a person uses to speak in because it lets the topic or conversation a person is talking about more interesting. Every person or almost every person can make his voice louder or less loud then, he should know how can he use that way to to have other people’s true attention to his words.

(What I meant about; True attention: The kind of attention a person gives to others that he dose not checks his mobile or other things, certainly do not interrupts the other person.)

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Occasions and having fun

There are sometimes a person goes to a specific place because most people he knows goes there, but he do not have fun in that place! A person could always search for the special thing in every place or event he goes to,that lets him feel happy.

Every person has his own interests and ideas he likes to talk and hear about them. He should always try to be with people who share his interests to have fun while he hears them and talk to them, by this way you will be looking forward to go to a family gathering. Each person should not force others to hear him or just talk about his favourite topics.

Each person has his own reasons that let him do or avoid doing specific actions or behaviours,he should never be forced to show the reasons he did a specific thing or if he went to a specific place. A person should not do any action or be in any place just because others are there, such as if a person’s family are in a specific place but he do not feel he wants to be there, he should not go because if he went while he do not want he will feel board and may let others feel nerves too.

Family gathering for specific occasion should not let a person feel he his forced to go there. When a person trains himself to always see or pay more attention to the things or people who let him be happier, he will have fun in almost every place he go to.

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Immortaliting a person by a mistake

Most people usually do not realize that when they talk about any other person in a good or a bad way, they immortalize his memory or appearance, at least for the few seconds he talks about him in. A person should choose wisely if he wants to talk about a specific person or not because if he did talk about him, he will let himself remember that person with emotions and will let others remember him or know his name. Usually, if a person felt his feelings were hurt by a specific person he does not like to hear his name and do not want anyone to meet him.

When a bad or a sad thing happened to a person and he solves the problem, he should move on with his life. Whenever a person talks or repeats any situation he is actually immortalized it, even without him knowing since he repeats the same subject. A person should always try to just immortalize his happy moments in life.

Most of the times when some people hurt a person’s feelings really deeply he starts to talk about them and the thing they did to him. By that attitude, a person sometimes immortalizes that person’s name even if he talked about his bad behaviors. A person should prevent himself from talking about anyone he does not want his name to be heard.


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Speaking about others

There are some people like to talk about others or a specific person in front of others if he is not with them. Most of the times those people hate it, if they knew others were talking about them and they were not present in that time. Usually a person get angry if he knew a person was telling others his mistakes and bad points in his personality.

A person should not talk about others in any bad or unhappy way if he do not like others to talk about him because whenever a person talked about a certain person, that person might know and he might get angry. Each person should treat others in the way he likes them to treat him by. Usually when a person who starts to speak about another person’s bad points, he is actually showing others his own bad points in his personality without knowing.

Most of the times, no one can learn valuable lessons from conversation about other people’s private lives and their way of responses for others. Most of the times people who talk about others in that way have one of two reasons, the first is: they are jealous from that person.The second is they feel they are upset with anger feelings towards that person because he did a certain thing

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Men and Women

These days, there are some people fight for woman’s rights. It is a very good thing for any person, women or a man to have all of his rights. Unfortunately, some people just like to talk about this subject and fight for it even if the women in her or his country have all of her rights. There should be no rules to prevent a person to do anything just because of his sex, such as just because she is a woman she cannot do specific things or the opposite.

There is some woman just like to fight for women’s rights that they forget to behave like a woman! ًWomen should always be calm and confident when she communicates with others, such as if a woman shouts or say impolite words to others while communicating with them, she loses some of the things that let her look or be a woman. There are in life behaviors only men do and some behaviors only women should do.

When a woman tries to be like a man, such as taking certain roles in life, or even if she does things just to prove others they are wrong, she stops being a woman anymore. A woman is a person who believes in her self and she knows she does not need to do anything just to prove others anything or just to show them she is able to do certain things.

Sadly, people who always fight for women’s rights ignore the facts that men have feelings. Usually, they just fight for woman’s rights ( even if the things they say should never be a women’s right ) and they ignore men’s rights. Boys, men, and fathers can have deep feelings for others too. In some places, people do not treat men (fathers) as they should be treated. They treat them as if fathers do not have feelings towards their children!

                Love to Men 

Sadly, these days some people treat love as if it only belongs to women. This idea is wrong, not realistic and it is unfair. Men do love. Usually love is stronger than men, they cannot hide it for a long time. Usually, men have the power or want to do anything his woman wants just to let them feel happy.

Love to women 

Usually, when a woman really loves a man, she will be honest, loyal to him all of the times and never take advantage of him. She sees him as the only person who really can protect her from anything bad or sad that happiness in life. She will be always ready to help him or at least try to help him to solve all of his problems all of the times.

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