The art of communication

Conversation; At least two people are sharing some information equally. Speech: most of the times,only person is speaking. I love when people put feelings in theirs way of speaking, such as when a person tells others something with excitement, the audience can feel the excitement he had felt because of his voice tone, as he […]

Use your voice

I have noticed some people do not really care to the way they speak in. They keep their voice to the same level throughout the entire speech or conversations. I think that is not a good way to speak. Each person can change his voice such as he could scream in excitement if the thing […]

Occasions and having fun

There are sometimes a person goes to a specific place because most people he knows goes there, but he do not have fun in that place! A person could always search for the special thing in every place or event he goes to,that lets him feel happy. Every person has his own interests and ideas he […]

Immortaliting a person by a mistake

Most people usually do not realize that when they talk about any other person in a good or a bad way, they immortalize his memory or appearance, at least for the few seconds he talks about him in. A person should choose wisely if he wants to talk about a specific person or not because if he did talk about […]

Speaking about others

There are some people like to talk about others or a specific person in front of others if he is not with them. Most of the times those people hate it, if they knew others were talking about them and they were not present in that time. Usually a person get angry if he knew […]

Men and Women

These days, there are some people fight for woman’s rights. It is a very good thing for any person, women or a man to have all of his rights. Unfortunately, some people just like to talk about this subject and fight for it even if the women in her or his country have all of […]

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