My experience with both phones

From years I hear some groups of people talk about how wonderful it is to have either an iPhone and an an Android phone. I had a blackberry since it was an aaa new thing then I switched to android phones for years. I had three or four Android phones throw out the years. Whenever a person says to me to buy a new phone (another brand) I just refuse, because it (Android phone ) had many details I am used to and some I love till now.

Recently my phone’s screen was broken a little and its charger stops working after few months, so my phone service provider got lucky because usually, I do not free on any promotion because I do not want to change my phone, in the promotion was an iPhone include with it. Usually, whenever my provider tells me about any premonition, I do not take it but this time I really listened to him and I agreed, there was sometimes I changed my mind because of of-of of-of the fact I am used to an Android system for a long time. Now after about a month, I notice the differences between an iPhone 8 and galaxy.

Here I will share with you the differences between the two systems that I noticed while using them: 


Has shortcuts are from everywhere such as screenshots can be taken from side folder or from pressing real buttons. ( that one I love because sometimes I do not press the right bottom to take a screenshot)

I can change the color of a folder, easier to find things without reading the folder’s name.


Screenshots can only be taken by pressing actual buttons, multiple buttons at the same time. I have an iPad and I like how they both can get notified in the same time such as calls, if I am using my iPad and I got a call on my phone, there will be a message on the iPad to tell me about the call. The apps can be downloadable in both devices, most of the times, that’s the reason there is not a lot of new things I have to get used to.

I like to read your thoughts on those smartphones and other smartphones, as you can see I used an iPhone just months ago, that is the reason I do not have a lot of experience using it.


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Brains are not in smartphones

In these days most people have a bad memory, such as they have hard times remembering phone numbers, dates because they usually put this information on their phone. Phones and smartphones are good and useful but a person should remember to really use his brain, he should not a lot depend on his phone if he needs to do a specific task or no. In the past, people used phones just to make calls and they do not store the numbers on the phones, that is the reason people used to have a better memory.

Most of the times if a person does not have a good memory for just a while, it means he has something bothering him in his life or it took over his thoughts but if a person has a bad memory his entire life, that is properly because he always depends on his phone to see his the things he has to do, such as his tasks, appointments and phone numbers. Smartphones should help people to be more organized not to control their lives. People should be the ones who control phones and smartphones, not the opposite.

A person’s memory usually gets stronger if he regularly uses it. He should prevent himself from using his smartphone all of the times. He should also try to live in the real, natural world, such as going to a park. He should not treat his smartphone as his memory or brain, if he did, he will actually have hard times trying to remember the things he has to do or the important dates.

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