Baths and showers

Usually people do not like to smell anything bad that comes from another person. A person usually do not have a big issue if he smelled little bad smell from his own body. Being clean, taking baths or showers have many benefits, such as when a person knows for sure he smelled good or just had a bath and put perfume he will be more confident in himself when he communicate with others. There are some people do not know the difference between a bath and a shower, here ae will be talk about them.


A bath means a person lays down in the tub that is filled with water for a while before or after he washes his body and hair. Usually he can think of different things while he is taking a bath. Baths should let a person be relaxed and let him be clean. A person can add things in the water that help him feel more relaxed, specially if his skin is dry he can add oil balls or similar products that vanishes after a while but it’s effect will remain in the water, such as oil bombes. For the best results a person could take a bath whenever he is free because bath usually take some time. A person may think or wonder, or imagine different things in his life or things he like to have in his life. Most of the times when a person finish from bathing he will be in a happy mood.


Usually people who are in a rush, have some plans for the day take showers. Showers are perfect when a person needs to be clean but he is in a hurry. A shower means a person do not fill the tub with water, he just washes his body, hair and he leaves the tube.

In a bath or a shower a person needs to clean his body with soap and water and his hair with shampoo and water. This is the real cleaning of a person’s body.

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Clean body means clean ideas

There are sometimes in life a person may have some thoughts that let him or her be angry. A person needs to clean his or her ideas, similar to when he or she cleans her body when he or she gets a bath or shower. Usually, when a person has a bath or a shower he or she washes or cleans her or his body from all the bad smell, the bad smell is similar to thoughts a person may have that let him or her be angry.

Whenever A person has bad ideas he or she gets angry for aa few minutes from, he or she could go have a bath or a shower to wash away the bad idea he or she had. Whenever a person link in his or her thoughts that washing, taking a bath or a shower means a person gets rid of any ideas he or she thought about and it let her or him be angry from, the bath or shower time will be relaxing time for him or her even if the shower was really quick. It is better for a person to prevent himself from thinking deeply into anything he does not see any hope in it or anything he gets angry from.

Most of the times a person gets to different moods through the day due to his thoughts and the things that happen to him. A person should always try to let himself to be in a happy mood if he wants to feel he has a happy life. A person’s happiness could come from lots of things such as solving problems or going out for some hours. A person does not always need to do big things in his life to have fun. Most of the times when a person get rid of any bad thoughts he had or ideas that let him be angry, he will have a happier life than before.

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