Men and Women

These days, there are some people fight for woman’s rights. It is a very good thing for any person, women or a man to have all of his rights. Unfortunately, some people just like to talk about this subject and fight for it even if the women in her or his country have all of her rights. There should be no rules to prevent a person to do anything just because of his sex, such as just because she is a woman she cannot do specific things or the opposite.

There is some woman just like to fight for women’s rights that they forget to behave like a woman! ًWomen should always be calm and confident when she communicates with others, such as if a woman shouts or say impolite words to others while communicating with them, she loses some of the things that let her look or be a woman. There are in life behaviors only men do and some behaviors only women should do.

When a woman tries to be like a man, such as taking certain roles in life, or even if she does things just to prove others they are wrong, she stops being a woman anymore. A woman is a person who believes in her self and she knows she does not need to do anything just to prove others anything or just to show them she is able to do certain things.

Sadly, people who always fight for women’s rights ignore the facts that men have feelings. Usually, they just fight for woman’s rights ( even if the things they say should never be a women’s right ) and they ignore men’s rights. Boys, men, and fathers can have deep feelings for others too. In some places, people do not treat men (fathers) as they should be treated. They treat them as if fathers do not have feelings towards their children!

                Love to Men 

Sadly, these days some people treat love as if it only belongs to women. This idea is wrong, not realistic and it is unfair. Men do love. Usually love is stronger than men, they cannot hide it for a long time. Usually, men have the power or want to do anything his woman wants just to let them feel happy.

Love to women 

Usually, when a woman really loves a man, she will be honest, loyal to him all of the times and never take advantage of him. She sees him as the only person who really can protect her from anything bad or sad that happiness in life. She will be always ready to help him or at least try to help him to solve all of his problems all of the times.

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House Workers

In these days most people have people working at their homes, such as maids, drivers. Sadly there are some people do not treat them well in many ways, there are some people do not treat them as humans working at their house, they treat them more like slaves or machines working at their homes. Housekeepers and house workers are humans. They should always be treated with respect and have rights to live respectfully. Most of the times maids and drivers travel from their own homelands and leave their family just to search for jobs to get some money to help their family by sending them the money they get from their work.

Most of the times people who work as maids, cookers, and drivers in houses had some hard life, they need others to be kind to them when they communicate with them due to living far away from their homelands. The employers and other people who live in this house should be friendly when they treat the workers. This does not mean they should joke with them all of the time but they also should not be rude to them.

There are some people give too much work to any maid they have at home because they came from their homelands to work, this is the reason they do not even give them time to rest or they treat them as if they were not humans. This is one of the reasons house workers do not like to work or stay at home were people do not treat them well. The places or the families the workers work with should treat them as they were part of their own family and they work, there could be some rules but they should not be treated by anyone not respectfully.

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