With others

Most people think that if they pretend to be interested in a specific topic, it won’t appear to others they are pretending but actually, people do notice.

Similar to creating a character in a story but in real life, a person act or behave as they think how the image in his/her mind could do. I think this is the reason people do not show their true selves.  

In my opinion: When a person shows to others his true self, others will love to spend thier time with him and they will really get to know each other because they can show him their real thoughts too. It could be scary for a person to show others his true self without comparing himself with the idea he has in his mind but it is worth it.

Just discovered: To be interesting to others: you have to be interested in the topic you are talking about.

If you are not interested even if you are showing to the other person the opposite, he will notice in a way or another.

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The most important thing in any relationships is being honest. Friendship can be between family members or not a family member.  Friendship means two or more people feel they have some things in common and they really have some things and ideas in common, this does not mean friends should be exactly the same as each other. Friends can be very close to each other as best friends or just friends.

Friends does not mean, both friends always know each other’s daily schedule or the things each individual is doing. Friends means two or more people really care about each other, help each other in all times and make sure each individual feel happy.

Friendship can be in may kinds. There is friendship between two or more people who are not relatives, or they can be relatives, such as workers who work for hours together in the same place.  There are two levels in the friendship scale. The first level is, a person who is  just friends with another person, they do not  have real secrets between each other. The second level is, best friends. Usually best friends have many secrets between each other. The closer they feel they are to each other the deeper secrets they will talk about.

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Love and life

Love means a person feels he is attached to another person. Love can come in many types. There is a brother’s love, sister’s love father’s love mother’s love and a person who feels attached to another person and should be together such as marriage. All types of love are important but the most important thing is being honest in any kind of relationships.

Father’s Love 

Father’s love for his children, shows by protecting them and their feelings and supports them if they did not do anything harmful for others and themselves. Support does not only mean by money, for example, but it also shows by raising his children’s hopes and supports them to become better people to live their lives. Support does not always show by physical things such as money or gifts, it shows by emotional things.

Mother’s Love

Mother’s love for her family shows by preparing for them the things they need and supports them if they do not do anything harmful to others and themselves.  Mother’s love shows by the way she treats her kids if she was not thinking about the way she will look in front of others.

Brother’s Love

Brother’s love towards his family especially sisters is like father’s love. It shows by protecting them and their feelings. Sometimes brothers, a brother and a sister or two brothers or two sisters can be friends too.

Sister’s Love

Sister’s love is different from brother’s love. Sister’s love shows by caring about each other. Sister’s love is similar to friends love but more important relationships than friends.

Love a person

Most of the times when a person is in love with a specific person he will think about that person almost all of his time, his day and night. He will be happy if he thought about that special person even if he or she is not really with him or her in real life. This kind of love could be between strangers ( people who know some information about each other but they could not be a family member or sometimes it could between relatives too.

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Social places and relationships

In these days most people use social media. There are some people use social media to sell their products. Most people use them to express their opinions and ideas. There are sometimes a person may start a conversation with others in those places too. Social media places are like anything in life, it can be used for good or bad ways.

Unfortunately, these days some people focus more on their social media friends more than their real life’s relationships. This is one of the reasons real-life relationships do not last for a lifetime, especially marriage. Any person needs to be available all of his time for the other partner, in his mind, thoughts and physically.

Relationships, especially married people should be very careful when dealing with them. Partners, husband and wife’s relationships usually are very sensitive. Usually, people who are in relationships want the relationship to last forever. One of the tips they could use is to avoid using any of the social media places all of the times and use that time to be closer to each other with their feelings through communicating or talking. They should never publish or put in any social media place their problems or things others did to them because this way they tell everyone who reads the things they have written the things the other person had done especially bad things. This way may prevent a person who did the wrong thing to apologize and it may let him feel some hate feelings towards that person. A person should use any social media properly by not using them while the time he needs to be with others or the time others needs him with them.

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Self Control

One of the best things a person could do for himself is to have stable self-control, he or she controls her emotions, she or he chooses the feelings that she wants to show for others. It does not mean acting. It means a person does not let his feelings or emotions control his behaviors and responds towards others.

Self-control allows a person to be strong and have reasonable thinking in front of others, in many situations. Such as if a person is angry instead of shouting at others the things he wants, he tells them or asks them in a polite way. Being angry or nerves does not give anyone the right to be impolite when he communicates with others.

When a person does not think about his responds and behaviors before he or she acts, his behaviors will be guided by his emotions, not by his mind or thoughts. It is very good for any person to behave naturally or behaves by the things he usually do but there are in some situations a person needs to think just for few seconds about his responds and behaviors in front of others so he won’t be like just an emotional talking person who does not have any logic in his words.

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