Brains are not in smartphones

In these days most people have a bad memory, such as they have hard times remembering phone numbers, dates because they usually put this information on their phone. Phones and smartphones are good and useful but a person should remember to really use his brain, he should not a lot depend on his phone if […]

The way a person uses his words

Some people do not pay attention to their way of talking and the words they use. They often wonder when other people get upset with them. A person should never forget other people have emotions and feelings too. Usually, a person way of talking and behaving have the power to control the listener’s way of responding. […]

Get excited life with your thoughts

Each person has an image in his mind of happiness he wants to have in his or her life. A person’s happy photo or thought has the power to let a person be happy or excited about life or feels sad and not excited. Usually, a person’s thoughts are powerful. A person’s ideas have the […]

By Power

Every person should have his own opinions. He has the right to share them with others if he wanted to. There are some people like to force others to be like them or to agree on their idea, such as if a person thinks a specific information others has is wrong he keeps telling his opinion about it  but […]

Self Control

One of the best things a person could do for himself is to have stable self-control, he or she controls her emotions, she or he chooses the feelings that she wants to show for others. It does not mean acting. It means a person does not let his feelings or emotions control his behaviors and […]

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