Since I was young I liked taking photos of everything that has some beauty. We had a farm when I was a kid and teenager, I used to go there and take many photos of nature, animals, and people. I like photography because it captures the moment and saves it for a lifetime. I learned […]

Take care of Earth 

Till now no one discovered life ( as we are living on Earth) on other planets. People should really try not to damage Earth and take care of it. Earth is our home, houses should be protected from any damage, such as polluted air, polluted water, and other important things. Air is very important for […]

Nature and city life style

These days most people like the human-made things more than natural things, such as some people appreciate money, technology and the city life more than the natural things such as plants. Life does not have borders, it means nature, plants, animals and weather are parts of life too. People should not just limit their life styles with the new […]

The importance of water

Water is very important for any living thing, people, animals and plants. Where ever water can be found,there can be life. Water for animals All kinds of animals needs water to survive or live. Some animals may drink water simmer like humans,others might just take the amount of water they need from their food. Drinking […]

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