People are books

People are like books ,they are all  similar from the outside (their appearance) but their content are different. Most of the times, the deeper the reader reads in a book, it will be more interesting or in some cases a reader decide to stop reading a specific book because it is not interesting. The idea can be applied to any conversation too.

The depth of a conversation is not measured by the time it starts and finish, but by how it effect the people who are communicating, for example if the conversation is about things that do not really matter to a person or dose not effect his life, the conversation will still be shallow even if it took hours or more,but if a conversation is five minutes but it has the effect of changing the perspective to the better, I consider it a deep conversation.

I know most of the relationships start with shallow conversations but the problem in my opinion if the conversation stayed in that level forever, that means the people who are talking together are not really communicating. Communication is really important for any type of relationship.

I think a person should read many kind of books, books that talk about different subjects and a reader should read all kinds of books even ones that contains opposite ideas than the ones the reader has. I think this way let’s a person have strong opinions about different things in life and the reasons of why he has those specific opinion about any specific thing, he won’t be just copping others just because he is sitting with them.

Make sure your existing makes a difference for the better, in the place you are in.

I think people are should be similar to fiction books they tell others their opinions not like unification books, the try to tell fact all of the times.

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New Discoveries bring happiness

There are some days in a person’s life he feels board almost all times, lost and he is not interested in anything he does in his day or if an event happens, he may he gets happy for a short period of time then he starts to get unhappy again. This should be the time the searches for new hobbies and learn new things that he can really use in his life.

New experience lets the mind shift to a new way of thinking. Try to learn new things, hobbies regularly, that way will help you bring happiness in your life.  Most of the times the little things  (we see them little at that time) that makes our day happy. The ways to find new hobbies are not always easy or fast. I had put a list of new hobbies and things I want to learn to do such as writing creatively, photography, drawing and other hobbies and new things I want to learn.

I also participated in workshops that I like. I can find them in an al7erafy shop. If you want you can follow them on the the Instagram page: 7erafy or go to their website  I participated in two workshops in their place, the first one is to build and paint a Smurf house  and Arabic writing class

I had fun in both workshops.

Recently I discovered some websites I like by reading about following other web sites here is one of the best websites and most active:  

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Making a Leonardo Da Vinci Ship Canon with Shield

Yesterday dad and I had put together Leonardo De Vinci battleship. It was fun!  Before we started to put the ship together, I had read about it, in its manual. I liked what  I had read. I also liked the experience too, it combined entertainment with knowledge.  I think it is a very fun way to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, we forgot from where we got it. 

We had to put every piece together. It did not take a very long time to finish it. 


(Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy. Sa Vinci was an artist, scientist, engineer, inventor, anatomist, musician, and writer.) From the instruction book.

To read more about Leonardo Da Vinci, click on the link below:

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