With others

Most people think that if they pretend to be interested in a specific topic, it won’t appear to others they are pretending but actually, people do notice.

Similar to creating a character in a story but in real life, a person act or behave as they think how the image in his/her mind could do. I think this is the reason people do not show their true selves.  

In my opinion: When a person shows to others his true self, others will love to spend thier time with him and they will really get to know each other because they can show him their real thoughts too. It could be scary for a person to show others his true self without comparing himself with the idea he has in his mind but it is worth it.

Just discovered: To be interesting to others: you have to be interested in the topic you are talking about.

If you are not interested even if you are showing to the other person the opposite, he will notice in a way or another.

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Happiness can be everywhere

Most people if not every person wants to find happiness. People most of the times think of happiness that comes from big things such as changing the country they are living in. They forget the simple, very important things in life that could bring happiness too, such as hearing water running down from a fountain or bird’s sounds and their beauty. Being with kids, I discovered, the younger the kid’s age is the happier I have become. I think I feel that feeling because I feel happiness is simple,

Happiness can be found in simple  things :

  • Running  water fountain ( small things)
  • Seeing birds or interacting with animals
  • Good weather
  • Flowers and other natural environments
  • Family being safe and happy

Big things: 

  1. Trying to reach a goal.
  2. Getting the results of the actions that you had been doing for the past months, they are the results you hoped for.
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House work helpers and babies relationship

Some people may need help in the daily chores others do not. There is nothing wrong for a person to ask help or an assistant in anything he needs help in but he should not always depend on others to help him or do his chores, especially taking care of his kids. The parent’s kids are their responsibility, that means both of them should be the first ones who take care of the babies.

There are some people depend on maids or babysitters if their child needs anything. In some situation, a person may need some help in taking care of his kids but he or she should never totally depend on the babysitters or maids in taking care of their own children, for so many reasons. The babysitter or maids are supposed to help the parents or who are in charge of the baby for a while but should never be in charge of him or her for every single thing in his or her life because this situation may lead the baby to love or be more attached to the babysitter than his real parents.

A baby and a child should have a special, love connection between himself and his or her parents, brothers and sisters grand-mothers and grand-fathers. This kind of connection may only be available is a person is spending time with the baby or kid. Babies and young kids hardly can know the difference between family love or a person takes care of him ( physically.) Usually, he sees both of them are symbols of love. That is one of the biggest reasons parents should always be the ones who take care of their little ones. House workers, (babysitters or maids ) should only help the parents if they really needed help.

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Bed-time story

Most parents in the past tell or read stories for their kids just before they sleep it is usually called a bed — time story. There are some people do not think its is important for their kids but it is important. Usually when parents tell or read stories to their children they create a special relationship between themselves and their kids.

The bedtime stories are special because they are the last thing a person usually do or hear before he sleeps. This is the reason a person should hear or read happy stories. Not all people really know how to tell others a story in a good way. A person should be good at telling bed times stories to tell them.

Usually if a person do not know the way, the story he is telling or reading will be boring.
Stories may help a person to use his imagination more that he uses his vision to play. Bed time( night-sleep ) stories are really important, it is not just about the story. It is important because parents can be with their kids and share something between them.

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Stuffed toys and safe feelings

Stuffed toys could be seen almost in any place. People from different ages and culture have different knowledge uses stuffed toys. Most of the times stuffed toys helps a person to express his feelings.

Most people think toys, stuffed animals are only for babies. That means teenagers and grown-ups do not use them. Stuffed toys could be used by any person at any age. Most of the times stuffed animals, toys are mostly used when a person wants to sleep. Usually,y people get more emotional at night that is the reason people want or needs stuffed toys to hug if they do not have another person they sleep with and hug while they are sleeping.

Usually, people who do not feel safe or they feel insecure, they also feel they need a hug to feel everything went wrong in that day will be right in the second day even if they knew this idea is not true. There are sometimes a person makes believe he and the stuffed toy have feelings to each other. Most of the time that kind of makes believe will let a person really feel that there is a connection and he or she will start to have emotions for that stuffed toy. Most of the times people hug pillows and stuffed toys to replace them with people they want to be with but they cannot. Most of the times stuffed toys symbolizes a person misses a certain person, such as his love for life, a family member he is used to sleeping with .

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Teenagers lives

Usually teenagers has their own problems, emotional problems. Most of the times teenagers, girls and boys are treated as kids but people expect them to behave as mature grownups. A teenager means a person who is not a kid anymore but not a grown up person ( above 19 years. ) Most of the times teenagers’ emotions are stronger than they are, this is the reason most of the times teenagers’ behaviours are not in control.

Most teenagers have their own emotion problems, this is one of he reason most teenagers are angry most of the time. A teenager usually has hard times to understand herself or himself, his or her feelings towards others and ideas. Most of the times teenagers needs others help, not physical help but help to let them understand different things in life.

Usually most of the times, girls and boys feel they have several crushes on different people in that time, this does not mean a person cannot find his or her love in life. Most of the times teenagers have combined or complicated feelings. A person may love a specific person and wants to live his or her entire life with.

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Kids Shows

Usually kids learn new things by seeing them with their own eyes. Any place kids go to, may learn new things from both sides, good and bad things. Most of the times when kids and grownups like specific person from tv or real life, they become behaving similar to them especially kids. When kids go to a movie or theatre, their families or grown up people who they went out with are responsible to choose the type of movie or play of they were going to a theatre.

In the old days most plays contain good information in the beginning, the middle and end. Unfortunately these days most of the plays ( not all ) just have a good ending by the good or kind person always beat the bad one. The kids plays should contain many good behaviours in the beginning, middle and end of the play because most of the times, most of the audience are kids.

As most people know kids learn quickly from others if they like the such as a celebrity, this is why actors should always behave in good manners on stage even if they are the bad guys. Being an actor in kids plays is simmer to having a child of your own but for few hours only.

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