The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more.

My thoughts most of the times state when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and it’s beautiful and that same idea I customize that thought to suit the situation in my head. 

The moon photos night is usually when there is a full moon I love to go outdoors to take photos of the moon. I like everything about it, the weather, nature even if I am in the city. I like to be by myself, thoughts and the Moon. There are some negative feelings that come to me if I am always ( all the time ) with other people. ( I do NOT hate people)

Sitting alone in nature helps me or a person to think about himself, his life, his feelings, and other planets too. It lets me realize I am living in a huge world and there is other concerns or issues in the worlds that does not happen in my life but NOT in a negative way. Most of my worries and problems disappear or I can find a solution for them.

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A person is a wrapped gift

Each person has different life experience, different thoughts, believes and behaviours. Every person has his own way of thinking. Others might like his way of thinking and might dislike it. Every new person is a mystery or a wrapped gift to others, a person could have a personality similar to a rock, water or a tree. 😉 A person should not judge a gift just by its wrapping, he needs to open it and see the present to like it or not. People should be judged by this way too. A person should not judge  just by his looks,( clothes or his silence, if he is quite all of the time.) A person needs to see inside of that individual to really know him such as his ideas about life.

Strangers or people who know a person but do not really know his personality, the person to them is similar to a wrapped gift. Usually when a person receives a gift he accepts it anyway. A person should accept others as they are, even if he did not like them.

A person cannot know what is inside the box or gift if he did not open the wrap on top of it. This is similar to people. A person does not really know an individual until he tries to let that individual feel fine with telling him everything about him. A person needs to really know everything about an individual to judge him or to like, dislike him.

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Make up

In these days most women put make up, it lets a women feels happier. Make up should cover unwanted things on a persons face such as acne. Make up should help a person to show her natural beauty. It should not change a person’s skin colour or anything else. Off-course a person’s beauty a woman or a man depends on his personality and behaviours more than his appearance such as his face.

A person should not put too much make up all of the times because this way may prevent others from seeing her natural beauty. Most people say too much make up can be bad for a person’s skin. In my opinion any thing that is added to life by a human and it is over-used it may be bad or unhealthy for a human to use it.

Some people think if a person puts too much make-up or frequently,it is a sign that person do not have self-confident. A women should be careful when she wants to choose what kind of make-up she wants to put, heavy or light make-up. The lighter a woman puts make-up is the better in my opinion because it helps her to show off her natural beauty.

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Beauty can be in women and men. Most people want to be pretty in their appearance. Usually people take good care of their cloths they are wearing and the way they behave if they were with others. Sadly, these days most people think a person’s beauty is just based on his looks.

A true beauty means a person’s behaviours and ways of responding to others,his thoughts too. Most of the times when a person behaves in any way he hurts others feelings and he know the things he did hurts others people’s feelings, he or she becomes ugly. The more bad behaviours a person does, the uglier people will see him or her.

Being polite does not only means a person do not say bad words, it means a person do not do anything that hurts other people’s feelings. When a person is polite, he will be pretty. The inner beauty is more important than a person’s appearance.

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Be your best on both sides

There are people who only take good care about their looks, appearance in front of others and they do not take care of their brain or thoughts. A person should take care of his looks and mind or thoughts at the same time. A person’s looks and the way he behaves, his ideas can affect the impression of others even if they already know him.

A person’s ideas are the main things that let a person do anything or they are responsible of the way he behaves in, this is the reason a person should take good care of his thoughts and information he has. A person’s look is very important too because they may be one of the reasons others way of dealing with a specific person. Most of the times people treat a person who wears causal clothes different from a person who wears dresses and a person who is a well-dressed person such as a party dress.

Each person has his own style ( his or her’s hair and clothes) a person do not always need to change his style to have respect from others. Everyone should wear the things he or she feels it suits them because whenever a person wears something she or he like he or she will be better when he or she is with others. A person needs to feel he is good from the inside so he will be good on the outside too.

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