Planing a new you


A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong.


Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events on your mind.

   Most of the times, at the beginning of every year people talk about the things they will do and that is a good thing, but I think they usually over estimates their abilities and that is the reason people usually get disappointed from themselves. I think people either over estimate their abilities or under estimate the length of one full year.

I think people, included me should be more realistic when planing their new year. If they did not change any behavior in the past year,most likely they won’t have drastic change in their lives, in one year. I am not suggesting people lose hope. I do not agree with that idea at all.

I think there is a difference between being realistic, having hope or just hopeless. Sadly most people merge the two meanings as one. I think it is great thing to have hope as long as a person do not mix hope with his expectations, especially about himself.

In my opinion, it  is a good thing to have hope about everything in life but I think a person needs to be realistic when planing the way of living for the new year. I like planing for long trim. I think when  a person  except too much from himself, he most likely will get disappointment. I think when a person is realistic with his planing, he plans what he really capable, to do in one year, he won’t be discourage or disappointment.

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Accept your imperfection

Usually, every person has his own flaws, imperfection, and mistakes in life. A person should always try to improve himself. Improving means growing or becoming a mature person. Not every change in a person’s life means he is a mature person, there are some behaviors a grown-up person could do proves for others he is not a mature person.

Most of the times if a person accepts all of his flaws, he will not feel shy because of them and others could not use them against him, especially if he starts to improve himself regularly. Everyone, men and women have their own flaws. Since a person is living he should always try to improve himself. When a person improves himself, it means he is growing up. Growing up means a person accept all of his flaws and try to improve them and his personality.

When a person accepts his mistakes, flaws as the way they are, he will be more relaxed, usually, he will excuse others more frequently too. A person does not necessarily have to be perfect in anything, he just needs to be happy and does not hurt other people’s feelings. Most of the times when a person accepts his imperfection as a human, he will accept to hear other people’s opinion to try to improve himself.


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