The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more.

My thoughts most of the times states when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and its beautiful and that same idea I customise that thought to suit the situation in my head. 

The moon photos night, is usually when there is a full moon I love to go outdoors to take photos of the moon. I like everything about it, the weather,nature even if I am in the city. I like to be by myself, thoughts and the Moon. There are some negative feelings that come to me if I am always ( all the time ) with other people.( I do NOT hate people)

Sitting alone in the nature helps me or a person to think about himself, his life, his feelings and other planets too. It lets me realise I am living in a huge world and there is other concerns or issues in the worlds that does not happen in my life but NOT in a negative way. Most of my worries and problems disappear or I can find solution for them.

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Occasions and having fun

There are sometimes a person goes to a specific place because most people he knows goes there, but he do not have fun in that place! A person could always search for the special thing in every place or event he goes to,that lets him feel happy.

Every person has his own interests and ideas he likes to talk and hear about them. He should always try to be with people who share his interests to have fun while he hears them and talk to them, by this way you will be looking forward to go to a family gathering. Each person should not force others to hear him or just talk about his favourite topics.

Each person has his own reasons that let him do or avoid doing specific actions or behaviours,he should never be forced to show the reasons he did a specific thing or if he went to a specific place. A person should not do any action or be in any place just because others are there, such as if a person’s family are in a specific place but he do not feel he wants to be there, he should not go because if he went while he do not want he will feel board and may let others feel nerves too.

Family gathering for specific occasion should not let a person feel he his forced to go there. When a person trains himself to always see or pay more attention to the things or people who let him be happier, he will have fun in almost every place he go to.

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اغلب الناس يحتاجون الي التشجيع من قبل الاخرين، اذا كانت لديهم شخصيه قوية ام لا. التشجيع من قبل الاخرين للانسان يعطيه دافع بأن يبذل قصارى جهدة. يجب علي الانسان ان لا يعتمد اعتماد كلي علي التشجيع من قبل الاخرين له ليستمر بفعل ما فعله من قبل. كل شخص يمر بفترة ضعف في نفسيته و بالتالي هذا الضعف ينعكس علي سلوكه و شخصيته.

غالبا تشجيع الاخرين علي الوصول الى هدفهم او عمل اي شيء يريدون فعله و لا يضر الاخرين، عمل جيد و نبيل. التشجيع ليس بضروره ان ياتي من قبل اشخاص ذو خبره طويله آو الاكبر سنا. الوقت الاكثر فعاليه للتشجيع هو عندما الانسان يفقد الحماس الكافي ليسعى للاشياء التي يريد ان يفعلها.

 التشجيع يجلب الأمل والسماح لشخص ان يعتقد أنه يمكنه القيام  بالاشياء التي كان يريد القيام بها، وهذا هو السبب في أنه يجب أن  يكون التشجيع  حقيقيا  لأنه اذا  اكتشف الشخص الذي كان يعتقد ان يمكنه القيام بفعل معين انه لا يستطيع سيمر باوقات صعبة . كلما كان الانسان صادقا اكثر في التشجيع، تكون كلماته موؤثره اكثر . آذا التشجيع كان مجامله لا يكون له اثر اجابي على المستمع بل من الممكن ان يسبب الضيق له.

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Be stronger than your feelings

There are sometimes a person knows the things he wants to do or similar things but he feels he cannot or unable to do them. A person should not let that feeling control his life. He should try his best to ignore it and do the things he really wants to do if he thinks he can. There are differences between a person knows ( in his thoughts) or feels he can or cannot do a specific thing.

Usually if a person feels anything ( he can or cannot) his actions will show it. He should try his best to do the things he wants to do if he is really convinced in them. Most of the times when a person feels he cannot do a specific thing new in his life, it is because his fear of failing and other people’s reactions towards him.

A person should try to be brave enough to do the things he wants because if he was not brave, he will never be the person he wants to be or reach the goal he wants. Most of the times when a person feels or thinks he cannot do the things he wants , it is because of his thoughts and being unsure about the information he has about that goal.


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Baths and showers

Usually people do not like to smell anything bad that comes from another person. A person usually do not have a big issue if he smelled little bad smell from his own body. Being clean, taking baths or showers have many benefits, such as when a person knows for sure he smelled good or just had a bath and put perfume he will be more confident in himself when he communicate with others. There are some people do not know the difference between a bath and a shower, here ae will be talk about them.


A bath means a person lays down in the tub that is filled with water for a while before or after he washes his body and hair. Usually he can think of different things while he is taking a bath. Baths should let a person be relaxed and let him be clean. A person can add things in the water that help him feel more relaxed, specially if his skin is dry he can add oil balls or similar products that vanishes after a while but it’s effect will remain in the water, such as oil bombes. For the best results a person could take a bath whenever he is free because bath usually take some time. A person may think or wonder, or imagine different things in his life or things he like to have in his life. Most of the times when a person finish from bathing he will be in a happy mood.


Usually people who are in a rush, have some plans for the day take showers. Showers are perfect when a person needs to be clean but he is in a hurry. A shower means a person do not fill the tub with water, he just washes his body, hair and he leaves the tube.

In a bath or a shower a person needs to clean his body with soap and water and his hair with shampoo and water. This is the real cleaning of a person’s body.

Here are some good bath items such as oily circles, their name is: colourful_bombs. Their Instagram account is: @Colorful_bombs

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Anger and ideas

Most of the times when a person is angry and cannot control himself it means he can’t understand his own ideas or his words and actions are faster than his thinking. Usually if a person is angry it means he is very nerves and he is not able to think reasonable ideas and behave properly.

Usually a person cannot control himself, his behaviours and responds when he is angry, this is the reason a person should always try to prevent himself from continue communicating with others if he was angry even if they were the reason of his anger. When a person is angry he most of the times will feel like his pressure is very high, he might also feel sad. Usually his thoughts will be very fast that he cannot really do as all of the ideas he got in his mind, this is one of the reasons a person cannot properly behave if he is angry.

When a person is angry, he will be similar to a boiling eggs, he sees the things that let him feel nerves all over the place ( as the hot water ) and his vision is not clear but all he sees is the things he wants ( as the eggs in the pot.) A person should avoid himself from behaving while he is in that mood. Usually when a person is already angry, his thoughts will let him feel more angry. This is the reason a person should try to prevent himself from thinking if he is really very angry. When ever he is calm he should try thinking in the same topic again.

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Think positive for a better life

Sometimes a person has some problems, complicated ones. In this case a person needs to think in a positive way and without any emotions. Positive way of thinking does not means a person have hope that the thing he wants will be like he wanted. It means a person’s brain always search for the good things in every situation or problem he has no matter how complicated his problem is.

Most of the times a person needs to train himself to avoid thinking in a negative way, or in  sad things and always focus on the positive things, after a while a person will get used to thinking in a positive way all of the times. When a person think of positive ways, it does not means he does not live in the real life. It means he choses to be happy. Whenever a person is used to think in a positive way he will easily think of solutions for his problem or at least ways to not let himself feel he has lots of pursuer.

A person should be careful not to let his thoughts to let him have very high hopes, because once a person have lots of hops and  he discovers he cannot reach them  in real life, he will be disappointed very much with himself. It is very good for a person to have hope in life to have the things he wants, if a person does not feel any hope he won’t be excited or he will not want to do anything. A person should live his whole life by having a positive way of thinking if he wants to be happy. A positive way of thinking means a person sees the opportunities he has in every problem he has and not the opposite, he also always try to solve his problems.

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The real meaning

Did you ever thought what does ( I love you ) phrase really means? These words are very special when they are spoken or written, especially if they were from a special person because they let the receiver feel happy. It lets a person be in a good mood because it tells him, he is accepted as he is by a specific person.

When a person say “I love you” to a specific person, it really means he accepts the other person as she or he is, without trying to change him and he always feels he wants her or him to be beside him all of the time. It also means a person accepts the other person as he is and he feels that person is his other half, it also means a person’s heart and thoughts are with the other person. (This only happens between men and women.) A person does not need to say “I love you” phrase to let the other person know, he could tell he loves that specific person by his behaviours. Usually behaviours are stronger than words.

Love is a beautiful feeling but since it is a feeling, it means people cannot look directly at it. Some people may use it as an excuse to do anything they want, even if the things they want to do harm others. This is the reason many people, women and men doubt when a person ( if from the other type) said it to them.

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True Happiness

True happiness is a feeling a person may feel in his life. It is not from anything that happiness from people although some behaviours others this may interfere with his happiness or sadness. Most people think happiness come from other people or when a person is with others. That idea may be created because when a person was a baby or a child, his happiness always comes when he plays with others or grownups as a person grown ups play with him.

Usually a person realises his happiness can only be controlled by himself. There are sometimes a person’s happiness may be disturbed from outside problems ( if they are really big, complicated ) but most of the times true happiness is from inside a person no matter who he is living, if he has problems or not. Most of the times if a person is in a bad mood, it is a result of his own thoughts. His ideas are powerful, if he thought of a happy idea, he will be happy and if he thought of a sad idea he will be sad. This does not mean the things in the outside world, such as people around him and the circumstances he is in does not interfere with his feelings.

A person should try not to let his happiness with other people or linked with other people’s happiness. Whenever a person discover his happiness map is with him and only he can be happy, almost no one can let him really feel sad if he was happy because he will most likely will feel he has a wall prevent other people’s words and behaviours from interfering with his emotions. Most of the times a person can decide if he wants to be happy or sad in any circumstances, this really means a person’s happiness switch is with himself.

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Stuffed toys and safe feelings

Stuffed toys could be seen almost in any place. People from different ages and culture, have different knowledge uses stuffed toys. Most of the times stuffed toys helps a person to express his feelings.

Most people think toys, stuffed animals are only for babies. That means teenagers and grown ups do not use them. Stuffed toys could be used by any person at any age. Most of the times stuffed animals, toys are mostly used when a person wants to sleep. Usually people get more emotional at night that is the reason people wants or needs stuffed toys to hug if they do not have another person they sleep with and hug while they are sleeping.

Usually people who do not feel safe or they feel insecure, they also feel they need a hug to feel everything went wrong in that day will be right in the second day even if they knew this idea is not true. There are sometimes a person makes believe he and the stuffed toy have feelings to each other. Most of the time that kind of makes believe will let a person really feel that there is a connection and he or she will start  to have emotions  for that stuffed toy. Most of the times people hug pillows and stuffed toys to replace them with people they want to be with but they cannot. Most of the times stuffed toys symbolises a person misses a certain person,such as his love for life, family member he is used to sleep with .

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