Take care of Earth 

Till now no one discovered life ( as we are living on Earth) on other planets. People should really try not to damage Earth and take care of it. Earth is our home, houses should be protected from any damage, such as polluted air, polluted water, and other important things. Air is very important for […]

Healthy life

Most people think a healthy life or a healthy living means a person needs to be very thin. The truth is a healthy life means a person has something from everything, such as a person’s daily schedule should have exercise, healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. A person’s healthy life does not only concentrates on a […]

Good body Shape

Exercising is good for any person. A person does not need to do lots of of-of of-of exercises every second to have a good body shape. Most people need to exercise daily for few hours or even half an hour daily to have a good body shape. Exercising is good for a person’s health too, not […]

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