With others

Most people think that if they pretend to be interested in a specific topic, it won’t appear to others they are pretending but actually, people do notice.

Similar to creating a character in a story but in real life, a person act or behave as they think how the image in his/her mind could do. I think this is the reason people do not show their true selves.  

In my opinion: When a person shows to others his true self, others will love to spend thier time with him and they will really get to know each other because they can show him their real thoughts too. It could be scary for a person to show others his true self without comparing himself with the idea he has in his mind but it is worth it.

Just discovered: To be interesting to others: you have to be interested in the topic you are talking about.

If you are not interested even if you are showing to the other person the opposite, he will notice in a way or another.

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An environment for successful life

Most of the times when new technology device is in shops, people buy it, just because it is new, not because they need it such as how most people listen to music. Each person should make  an environment that best suites him, even if most people see it as wrong or old ways to do certain tasks if it helps him get creative.

A person should learn new things in his life in any topic but he still should live his life ( privet and social ) in the way he like as long as he is NOT harming others and their feelings intentionally. Creating or finding the best environment for a person to keep being productive is not always easy but it is worth the time for  a person to find a suitable way to help him be more motivated in life and productive.

The main differences between a child and a grownup are responsibility and productivity. It does not always have to do or connected to profit. Being productive mainly means for me is to try to add good things in the world or change the bad things in life or at least in my circle of family, friends and any person I can make his life better or at least one day better in his life.

I always thought I was not addictive to my phone till recently because I took a while not writing on this website and other productive things I used to do. When I saw some videos on the internet about being productive, they helped me a lot from the first day I used them.

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The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more.

My thoughts most of the times state when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and it’s beautiful and that same idea I customize that thought to suit the situation in my head. 

The moon photos night is usually when there is a full moon I love to go outdoors to take photos of the moon. I like everything about it, the weather, nature even if I am in the city. I like to be by myself, thoughts and the Moon. There are some negative feelings that come to me if I am always ( all the time ) with other people. ( I do NOT hate people)

Sitting alone in nature helps me or a person to think about himself, his life, his feelings, and other planets too. It lets me realize I am living in a huge world and there is other concerns or issues in the worlds that does not happen in my life but NOT in a negative way. Most of my worries and problems disappear or I can find a solution for them.

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Act as your words

In some cultures, men should stick firmly to their words, but women do not have to. Usually, people respect a person who says something and does not change his words later. A person’s behaviors should prove his words, phrase. Men and women should behave in that way. This does not mean a person never changes his thoughts and behaves like a rock, a person should behave to similar to a tree. ( For the tree and rock, you can read ways of a living article)

Most of the times when a person do as he said he would do, people will start to treat him as a grown-up person. A person whose behaviors and words proves the same thing is a real mature, strong person. Most of the times when a person’s behaviors are the opposite of his words, others will not really depend on him in anything he says.

Usually, a person needs to have a strong personality and should be really convinced in the subject or ideas he is talking about to do the things he said he will do. Most of the times grownups are respected because they do not frequently change their words meanings. A person should always think many times about the words he planning to say because once they have been said, a person who said they should prove for others he really means them.

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Grow up in mind but stay young

There are some people think growing up or when they reach certain age, they need to behave by certain ways. Some people think they must have less fun in life than before since they are order than before. Those ideas are not right because it limits a person’s freedom, his ideas and happiness in life.

Growing up means a person know how to estimate which behaviour he can, should do in a certain situation. A grown up does not mean a person should not have fun in his life. He should have fun in any age. A person should stay young from inside ( his feelings and thoughts about himself ) but deals with life with a grown up way of thinking.

A person’s way of thinking about life and his behaviours towards his problems shows if he is really a grown up  person or not. Growing up means a person could forgive others for most of the things  ( little things.) Each person needs to have fun in his life, it mean a person should not live his life seriously.

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Teenagers lives

Usually teenagers has their own problems, emotional problems. Most of the times teenagers, girls and boys are treated as kids but people expect them to behave as mature grownups. A teenager means a person who is not a kid anymore but not a grown up person ( above 19 years. ) Most of the times teenagers’ emotions are stronger than they are, this is the reason most of the times teenagers’ behaviours are not in control.

Most teenagers have their own emotion problems, this is one of he reason most teenagers are angry most of the time. A teenager usually has hard times to understand herself or himself, his or her feelings towards others and ideas. Most of the times teenagers needs others help, not physical help but help to let them understand different things in life.

Usually most of the times, girls and boys feel they have several crushes on different people in that time, this does not mean a person cannot find his or her love in life. Most of the times teenagers have combined or complicated feelings. A person may love a specific person and wants to live his or her entire life with.

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Self Control

One of the best things a person could do for himself is to have stable self-control, he or she controls her emotions, she or he chooses the feelings that she wants to show for others. It does not mean acting. It means a person does not let his feelings or emotions control his behaviors and responds towards others.

Self-control allows a person to be strong and have reasonable thinking in front of others, in many situations. Such as if a person is angry instead of shouting at others the things he wants, he tells them or asks them in a polite way. Being angry or nerves does not give anyone the right to be impolite when he communicates with others.

When a person does not think about his responds and behaviors before he or she acts, his behaviors will be guided by his emotions, not by his mind or thoughts. It is very good for any person to behave naturally or behaves by the things he usually do but there are in some situations a person needs to think just for few seconds about his responds and behaviors in front of others so he won’t be like just an emotional talking person who does not have any logic in his words.

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