Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, what I feel or think that is suitable in that moment.

I realized that act should be applied here. There are sometimes ( in the past years} I force myself to write daily in my blogs but for that reason the ideas or post I had wrote in those times weren’t successful or got attention because the ideas behind them weren’t good enough for me that is why I could not work on them, to post good quality articles. I love writing since I was a kid but there are sometimes I run out of ideas or sometimes I have a {writer block} that when I can’t write down any good quality  articles.

There are some writers that are able to write, publish good quality things daily and I think it is very good for them, but I realized when I force myself in writing I would not write something worth reading. I think writing is some kind of art  snd creativity and as most people know creativity is not something a person could force, its about expressing your true self.

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Focus on yourself

A person should focus on himself, not others and how fast they had reached their goals. Each person should have his own speed. In my opinion, a person should always try to improve himself in all aspects of his life.

I think if a person is trying to improve himself, he will not be curious about other people’s life, gossip or anything that does not adds good, ideas in his life. From few days I felt I am a sort of a bad person. I spend most of my day doing short term happiness things such as playing games on my mobile even when I need to do other things such as exercising.

A few days ago I thought of an idea that really helped me, in my opinion.

The thought is:

If I will do anything that will take time in my day ( hours) I ask my self two questions: Will it improve my life in any way? Am I enjoying it? 

If the answer is yes to the first question that I continue doing it even if I am not enjoying doing that task but I will most likely like the results.

If the answer is no to the second question and I won’t benefit from that thing I am doing, in the future then I stop doing it and go do another thing that will benefit me in my future. I found those two questions helped me to be more productive and healthier too.

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Being confident in reaching you GOAL

Self-confidence is the most important type. It what allows a person to go towards his goal or goals in life. Usually, when a person is confident to reach his goals, it means he trust his knowledge and his judgment on that topic. Being confident gives a person a push to go towards the goals of his life.

One thing that I recently discovered that a person should be fully insistence and sometimes stubborn in reaching his goals or he will have hard times in reaching his goals and he will almost be wasting many years of his life without trying to reach his goals even if they were clear and simple for him.

Having confidence in yourself is a great thing because it shows to others that you are really ready to do the thing that you want to do, such as, if a person wants to study even if he is older than his classmates in many years and he still shows up there, he goes to the lessons then he will learn new topics but if he did not have confidence in his self then anything that could happen in the class will affect him such as if he answered a question in a wrong way, he might get disappointed by himself and he might think others are criticizing him, but in reality when he has a strong personality it means he will be confident most of the times and he will go after the certificate he wants or his goal with OUT letting anything interfere with his decision or stops him from reaching his goals.

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The night of discoveries

I was about to watch a television series that I love than the reality became very visible to my eyes  and I just sat on the ground for few minutes (I want to watch the series to pass the time till I get sleepy then I realised I am always doing things just to pass the time and not being productive, not trying to change my life or the things I really hate about it and that fact really scared me, because I always talk with others and I think that I do almost all of the things that I need to do or want to do but in reality I did not behave toward my dreams or at least one of my goals.

From the next day I changed, I started to work at least about fifteen minutes a day  on one post or work that in my opinion it has good effect on other people. I think a person should always has the power to change his life even if there are certain things that happened in the past and they effected his present and future. In the past I used to always ask myself (who are you?) I took that idea from my favorite t.v series that I loved when I was a teenager and I still do, it has real life lessons that could be applied to ours in  these days. Recently I forgot about that thought. It is really  helpful to know your thoughts and rethink them after a while to see if they are still correct or do they still make sense for yourself.

The days are made from seconds, the seconds are added together to become minutes, when the minutes are added together they will be hours and when the hours are added together, they will be days and when the days are added together they will be one whole year, At the end of they day if a person wasted some seconds from his life on doing something he do not like or hate or he is not being productive at all and just do things just to pass the time till he sleeps such as watching tv shows that not educational nor he is having fun watching them then he is just watching tv to pass the time. Eventually he will live his whole life on short-term pleasures.

There is nothing wrong in having fun in life, In fact having fun is one of the most important things in any person’s life. Happiness of a person should never be associated with laziness. Most of the times laziness brings sadness to a person’s life in my opinion.

  • A person’s productivity is not always associated with money.
  • There is no harm done if a person does not feel the need to add something to the world or at least his life.
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An environment for successful life

Most of the times when new technology device is in shops, people buy it, just because it is new, not because they need it such as how most people listen to music. Each person should make  an environment that best suites him, even if most people see it as wrong or old ways to do certain tasks if it helps him get creative.

A person should learn new things in his life in any topic but he still should live his life ( privet and social ) in the way he like as long as he is NOT harming others and their feelings intentionally. Creating or finding the best environment for a person to keep being productive is not always easy but it is worth the time for  a person to find a suitable way to help him be more motivated in life and productive.

The main differences between a child and a grownup are responsibility and productivity. It does not always have to do or connected to profit. Being productive mainly means for me is to try to add good things in the world or change the bad things in life or at least in my circle of family, friends and any person I can make his life better or at least one day better in his life.

I always thought I was not addictive to my phone till recently because I took a while not writing on this website and other productive things I used to do. When I saw some videos on the internet about being productive, they helped me a lot from the first day I used them.

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الحياة و البحر

اود ان اتكلم معكم عن الحياة في الفقرات التاليه عن البحر. كل الاحتمالات موجوده في البحر اذا الانسان كان في رحله بحريه خصوصا في القرون الماضيه، كان الذي يذهب الى البحر يغيب و تغيب اخباره عن اهله لمدة اشهر.

البحر = الحياة

القارب او السفينه =الإنسان ونفسيته

 القارب يرتفع فوق و يهبط على سطح الماء و يشق طريقة بين موجات البحر ليصل الى هدفة مثل تقلبات الحياة و الانسان يجب آن كون مثل قبطان السفينه اذا كان يريد يكون مصير حياته في يده .

الانسان يجب عليه ان يتحلى بشخصية قويه و خطه ليتمكن من ان يشق طريق ليصل لمراده. البحر عميق جدا و مليء بالغموض مثل الانسان. كل او اغلب الناس لديها جانب لا يكشفون الغطاء عنه لكل البشر مثل البحر يتوجب على الانسان ان يغوص الى قاع البحر ليتمكن من اكتشافه على حقيقته و من الممكن ان يرى اشياء تعجبه و تهدشه او اشياء لا تعجبه تماما او تزعجه.

البحر غالبا يكون فيه حطام سفن كانت قد غرقت في وقت ماضي مثل جروح الانسان النفسيه و الجسديه .المفروض  الجروح لا توقف تقدم الانسان عكس السفن لان ممكن ان يتاخذ قرارا يغير حياته في اي لحظة عكس السفن التي غرقت بالبحر للابد ممكن لانسان ان يتاقلم مع وضعه في الحياة اذا شيئ ما لم يعجبه في حياته و لكن ليس بيده حيله حيال ذالك .

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Be stronger than your feelings

There are sometimes a person knows the things he wants to do or similar things but he feels he cannot or unable to do them. A person should not let that feeling control his life. He should try his best to ignore it and do the things he really wants to do if he thinks he can. There are differences between a person knows ( in his thoughts) or feels he can or cannot do a specific thing.

Usually, if a person feels anything ( he can or cannot) his actions will show it. He should try his best to do the things he wants to do if he is really convinced in them. Most of the times when a person feels he cannot do a specific thing new in his life, it is because of of-of of-of his fear of failing and other people’s reactions towards him.

A person should try to be brave enough to do the things he wants because if he was not brave, he will never be the person he wants to be or reach the goal he wants. Most of the times when a person feels or thinks he cannot do the things he wants, it is because of his thoughts and being unsure about the information he has about that goal.


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Now is for your future!!

Most of the times if a person wants or needs to have a specific thing in his future, he needs to work towards the things he wants to have in his future in the present time. A person’s future is the results of the things a person does or happen to him in life.

Most people think about their future or plan it. A person needs to work to get the life or things he wants to have in his life. When a person does not work or move towards the things he wants in his life, he won’t ever have them. A person should not give up on anything he really wants to get in his life. If he tried once but he did not get the results he wants, he should always keep on trying till he gets the things he wants.

Whenever a person has an idea or a picture of himself in the future in his mind, he should always do his best to become that image. Sadly, it is not an easy mention but a person should at least always try to be that photo in his mind because by achieving that point, he will be happy. Most of the times a person’s feelings are associated with his thoughts and the images he had in his mind. Such as when a person has an idea of himself reaching a specific goal makes him feel happy. In reality, he will be happy when he reaches that goal.




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Goals are important for any person because they let a person’s life be important for himself. Usually people who have goals in life or things they want to reach or have, they do their best to reach them by planing and do or behave as they planned. Most of the times these people really reach their goals.

Most or all people have goals they want or need to reach. There are some people who know the things they want but they do not put a plan to reach them. People need plans to know what the results of their actions most likely will be if they did certain thing or behaviour.

The more goals a person has is better if he can focus on them. Most of the times a person’s goals motivates him to work. Sadly, there are sometimes  a person may lose strength and hope to let him reach his goal, such as if he had tried so many times but he did not reach the things he really want.


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