Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, what I feel or think that is suitable in that moment.

I realized that act should be applied here. There are sometimes ( in the past years} I force myself to write daily in my blogs but for that reason the ideas or post I had wrote in those times weren’t successful or got attention because the ideas behind them weren’t good enough for me that is why I could not work on them, to post good quality articles. I love writing since I was a kid but there are sometimes I run out of ideas or sometimes I have a {writer block} that when I can’t write down any good quality  articles.

There are some writers that are able to write, publish good quality things daily and I think it is very good for them, but I realized when I force myself in writing I would not write something worth reading. I think writing is some kind of art  snd creativity and as most people know creativity is not something a person could force, its about expressing your true self.

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New Discoveries bring happiness

There are some days in a person’s life he feels board almost all times, lost and he is not interested in anything he does in his day or if an event happens, he may he gets happy for a short period of time then he starts to get unhappy again. This should be the time the searches for new hobbies and learn new things that he can really use in his life.

New experience lets the mind shift to a new way of thinking. Try to learn new things, hobbies regularly, that way will help you bring happiness in your life.  Most of the times the little things  (we see them little at that time) that makes our day happy. The ways to find new hobbies are not always easy or fast. I had put a list of new hobbies and things I want to learn to do such as writing creatively, photography, drawing and other hobbies and new things I want to learn.

I also participated in workshops that I like. I can find them in an al7erafy shop. If you want you can follow them on the the Instagram page: 7erafy or go to their website  I participated in two workshops in their place, the first one is to build and paint a Smurf house  and Arabic writing class

I had fun in both workshops.

Recently I discovered some websites I like by reading about following other web sites here is one of the best websites and most active:  

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The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more.

My thoughts most of the times state when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and it’s beautiful and that same idea I customize that thought to suit the situation in my head. 

The moon photos night is usually when there is a full moon I love to go outdoors to take photos of the moon. I like everything about it, the weather, nature even if I am in the city. I like to be by myself, thoughts and the Moon. There are some negative feelings that come to me if I am always ( all the time ) with other people. ( I do NOT hate people)

Sitting alone in nature helps me or a person to think about himself, his life, his feelings, and other planets too. It lets me realize I am living in a huge world and there is other concerns or issues in the worlds that does not happen in my life but NOT in a negative way. Most of my worries and problems disappear or I can find a solution for them.

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For better life

Everyone needs something or some event that motivates him to move more in his life to be fit, thin. There are some people needs motivations to be healthy in their lives.

For a few weeks I had been using a fitness tracker and I would like to share my experience with you:

I used a tracker you can plug it on your clothes.  It was good for a while but then I had lost it. Now I am using an arm tracker ( like a watch) It really helped me to move more, be more active like the one I used it before.

I have been using it lately to track my excise and food because I am trying to be more healthy and it really helps me by keeping track of my food and movements. I like the application that comes with it too. It also lets me compete with other people.

I do not like to charge anything because I forget, the tracker needs to be charged every three days or more, NOT daily so that thing is very good for me. It also let me be more observed of my body but sometimes not in a good way but other than these things, it is a very good thing.

Here is a Fitbit link:

Exercising brings happiness not just because of the results. While a person exercise he lets the time passes by and he is doing something healthy for his body he also release the anger that is inside of him/her through his/ her exercise, rather than other people.


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Occasions and having fun

There are sometimes a person goes to a specific place because most people he knows goes there, but he do not have fun in that place! A person could always search for the special thing in every place or event he goes to,that lets him feel happy.

Every person has his own interests and ideas he likes to talk and hear about them. He should always try to be with people who share his interests to have fun while he hears them and talk to them, by this way you will be looking forward to go to a family gathering. Each person should not force others to hear him or just talk about his favourite topics.

Each person has his own reasons that let him do or avoid doing specific actions or behaviours,he should never be forced to show the reasons he did a specific thing or if he went to a specific place. A person should not do any action or be in any place just because others are there, such as if a person’s family are in a specific place but he do not feel he wants to be there, he should not go because if he went while he do not want he will feel board and may let others feel nerves too.

Family gathering for specific occasion should not let a person feel he his forced to go there. When a person trains himself to always see or pay more attention to the things or people who let him be happier, he will have fun in almost every place he go to.

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Bed-time story

Most parents in the past tell or read stories for their kids just before they sleep it is usually called a bed — time story. There are some people do not think its is important for their kids but it is important. Usually when parents tell or read stories to their children they create a special relationship between themselves and their kids.

The bedtime stories are special because they are the last thing a person usually do or hear before he sleeps. This is the reason a person should hear or read happy stories. Not all people really know how to tell others a story in a good way. A person should be good at telling bed times stories to tell them.

Usually if a person do not know the way, the story he is telling or reading will be boring.
Stories may help a person to use his imagination more that he uses his vision to play. Bed time( night-sleep ) stories are really important, it is not just about the story. It is important because parents can be with their kids and share something between them.

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Search for fun

Happiness is very important to a person’s life. He should always search for fun things, This does not always mean jokes about everything, it means a person knows the things or behaviors that help him be happier. In every situation a person is in, he should search for the fun things.

Some people do not know there are some differences between having fun and happiness. They are very similar to each other but different.


Happiness means a person feels peace in his mind and he is comfortable with his life, even if he has some problem in his life.

Having fun

Having fun in a person’s life means a person feels excited, looking forward to his coming days. He feels something excited will happen every second and he does not have any kind of worries.

A person may have fun in his life while he is not really happy in his life. Having fun means a person enjoys doing things. A person may be boaring not having fun in a while in his life but he may still feel happy about his life. There are almost fun and exciting things in anything in life, a person should really look out for them is he want to notice them.

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Have fun and do your to-do list

There are many things in life may let a person have fun when a person do them, such as shopping. A person should not let the things he do, to have fun to take over his whole life. In any person’s life, there should be priorities.

It is important for a person to have fun in his life. He or she should organise his or her day to do all the things he or she should do and have fun. When ever a person allows his to-do a list to take over his time of having fun, he or she will be angry or nerves by the end of the day.

Most of the times when a person is busy, he or she needs to have fun in those days. This does not mean a person can ignore the things he or she have to do. A person should decide the most important things in his to do a list to do them and he or she can have fun afterwords. There are some people like to work or they have fun while they are working that they forget to really have fun in life, such as taking a day or more off, he or she do not work for some days.

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Happy Hour

In these days most people have a busy daily schedule. A busy day does not always mean a person has physical work needs to do, it also means a person has lots of thoughts in his mind or he is thinking deeply in a specific subject. When a person is busy in his or her whole day, he needs to have some happy hours or at least one happy hour. A happy hour means a person do the things he really enjoys and it should prevent her or him from thinking of complicated, very hard to solve problems, situations or anything that lets her or him feel angry.

There are some people who get nerves and angry for small reasons, such as things happen in work, home or any place else. Most of the times people who can easily be nerves needs to have at least one hour per day just to do the things they really enjoy. The busier a person is, the more frequently happy hour she or he needs in his or her day.

Happy hours mean a person tries to prevent his thoughts and himself to live in his problems, other people’s problems and other things that annoy him. A person should do this most of his days but in reality, a person usually cannot prevent himself from living in real life with others.





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Good body Shape

Exercising is good for any person. A person does not need to do lots of of-of of-of exercises every second to have a good body shape. Most people need to exercise daily for few hours or even half an hour daily to have a good body shape. Exercising is good for a person’s health too, not just his body.

Once a person starts to exercise daily, it becomes hard for himself to stop. Most of the times exercises bring happiness to the person who performs it. Exercising helps a person’s body to be in shape, it does not allow a person to be thin. Exercising may help a person’s body from the inside too and with some sickness too. Most of the times people who exercise regularly or daily do not feel exercising takes long periods of times during their day. Most of the times exercising brings happiness to the person who performs it.

Being in a good body shape does not mean a person is very thin, it means being healthy, not too fat nor too thin. It is good for a person to have a good or perfect body shape to get any cloth he likes to be nice on himself. Each person has his own body rules and ways of being in good, healthy shape, it just needs each person to know his own body rules to deal with them.


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