Take care of Earth 

Till now no one discovered life ( as we are living on Earth) on other planets. People should really try not to damage Earth and take care of it. Earth is our home, houses should be protected from any damage, such as polluted air, polluted water, and other important things.

Air is very important for all creations. People need fresh air to breathe, animals and plants need fresh air to grow. Usually, fresh or clean air is in places where fewer factories and other stuff that releases gas into the air. Most of the times when a person takes care of anything, it becomes better, The animals and air need our help. People need to always try to make Earth a better place to live in, to have more pure air.


The whole environment needs to be clean for a person to live a good life. A person is similar to a plant, if his environment is unhealthy, most likely he won’t be in good health.

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Give to bring happiness

It is a good thing when a person gives his things, clothes, shoes and toys to people who cannot afford them. It will make more free room in his place and will let people who receive them be happy because he have something to let him feel warm. A person should always gives others the things he has but do not use anymore.

Usually whenever a person gives others ( people who cannot afford to buy them ) his unused things such as toys, he will be joyful because he know he had done a good deed. A person may buy new clothes, shoes and toys to give them to people he know they cannot afford them but when a person gives others his own things, clothes he will make more space for new things and he will let other people, families be happy in the same time. It is very good thing for a person to give others (people who cannot afford the things ) as a habit.

Some people think if they had given others their things, they will have some problems such as if a person gave others some of his clothes or money, he will have less clothes or money. This does not have to be true. Usually when people buy stuff they buy more than they need, this is why when a person discover some clothes he has he do not wear or things he has he does not use anymore, he should give it to other people who really needs them but cannot afford them.

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Healthy life

Most people think a healthy life or a healthy living means a person needs to be very thin. The truth is a healthy life means a person has something from everything, such as a person’s daily schedule should have exercise, healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. A person’s healthy life does not only concentrates on a person’s food and health.

A person’s healthy life, has two meanings, the first meaning: a person’s body from outside and inside. The second meaning: a person’s feelings. There are some people do not think their emotions or feelings are important such as if they were sad or unhappy for a while (days) they do not try to solve the real problem and try to hide their emotions.

A healthy life means a person daily schedule has everything or he can do most of the things he wants in just one day. A healthy life also means a life contains lots of love feelings. A healthy life means life, a person can truly balance or equally do the things he wants and needs to do in one day.

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Food is important for a person. It is important as water. People need to eat food to get energy. Some people have hard times to stop eating if they started. Usually those people get fat.

A person should just eat if he is hungry and stop when he feels he is full, if he do not want to be fat. He should use food as an energy source. There are many kinds of delicious food in the world a person can choose from. Each person can create new recipes.

Cooking or making different kinds of food is easy these days. Most people cannot cook. These days there are some food that are half-baked ( you need to bake again or heat ) to eat it. A person can do for himself quick – cooking foods such as soups and cakes. Off-course it is better for a person if he can cook without the help of the quick-cooking foods. Most people who know who to cook some recipes can be independent more than others in some parts their lives.




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