Smart technology and people

Did the smartphones and other technology forces people in the same place to stop talking to each other or they just use them to avoid people to communicate with them and blame the smart mobiles  for their behaviours?

Most people if not all behaves in that way: Uses his phone in public. 

I think people MOST of the times chose to use their phones. There are many reasons a person behaves in that way in public or in a gathering.

  • Being board
  • There are really interesting things on the net that attract them.

Some people may see a person uses a phone in public is an impolite thing to do because it may put an invisible wall between people who are sitting together in the same place. There are some circumstances a person needs to use his phone while he is with others and it is accepted if he did but most of the times it is not accepted.


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الجزيره و الانترنت

 .في 18 مارس 2016 ذهبت أنا وعائلتي في رحلة بالقارب إلى جزيرة، لم نذهب إليها من قبل. انها جزيرة مسكان.
!! عندما كنا بالقرب من الجزيرة تم قطع الإنترنت !!! فكرة بماذا افعل لكي استمتع بالرحله بدون الاتصال بالانترنت

قررت أن اصور بكامرتي و كامرة هاتفي، وفي وقت لاحق سوف احملها على مواقع اتواصل الاجتماعية.



كان الرمل ناعم ، شكله رطب لكن هو ناشف ، كان يوجد قواقع جميله .

تحدثنا (أنا وعائلتي) كنت قد شعرت هذا هو شيء الذي لم يكن موجود بكثره بايام السابقه! الناس للدردشة والتحدث معهم.


الساحل في جزيره مسجان )مسكان)

حاولنا ان نصيد السمك ولكن لم نصداد اي شيئ. برغم  من ذالك كانت رحله مفيده لان كان بامكان ان نعيش يومنا مثل ايام قبل انتشار اللانترنت بشكل شاسع.



وأضاف غروب الشمس الجمال للرحلة

 للانترنت فوائد كثيره كسهوله العثور علي المعلومه ولكن يجب الحذر لان ليس كل شيئ معروض علي الانترنت بالامكان الوثوق به ويجب علي اي شخص ان لا يجعل الانترنت و مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي شغله الشاغل لان هذه الطريقه قد تمنعه من العيش في حياه اجتماعيه حقيقيه.



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Occasions and having fun

There are sometimes a person goes to a specific place because most people he knows goes there, but he do not have fun in that place! A person could always search for the special thing in every place or event he goes to,that lets him feel happy.

Every person has his own interests and ideas he likes to talk and hear about them. He should always try to be with people who share his interests to have fun while he hears them and talk to them, by this way you will be looking forward to go to a family gathering. Each person should not force others to hear him or just talk about his favourite topics.

Each person has his own reasons that let him do or avoid doing specific actions or behaviours,he should never be forced to show the reasons he did a specific thing or if he went to a specific place. A person should not do any action or be in any place just because others are there, such as if a person’s family are in a specific place but he do not feel he wants to be there, he should not go because if he went while he do not want he will feel board and may let others feel nerves too.

Family gathering for specific occasion should not let a person feel he his forced to go there. When a person trains himself to always see or pay more attention to the things or people who let him be happier, he will have fun in almost every place he go to.

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Bed-time story

Most parents in the past tell or read stories for their kids just before they sleep it is usually called a bed — time story. There are some people do not think its is important for their kids but it is important. Usually when parents tell or read stories to their children they create a special relationship between themselves and their kids.

The bedtime stories are special because they are the last thing a person usually do or hear before he sleeps. This is the reason a person should hear or read happy stories. Not all people really know how to tell others a story in a good way. A person should be good at telling bed times stories to tell them.

Usually if a person do not know the way, the story he is telling or reading will be boring.
Stories may help a person to use his imagination more that he uses his vision to play. Bed time( night-sleep ) stories are really important, it is not just about the story. It is important because parents can be with their kids and share something between them.

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Give to bring happiness

It is a good thing when a person gives his things, clothes, shoes and toys to people who cannot afford them. It will make more free room in his place and will let people who receive them be happy because he have something to let him feel warm. A person should always gives others the things he has but do not use anymore.

Usually whenever a person gives others ( people who cannot afford to buy them ) his unused things such as toys, he will be joyful because he know he had done a good deed. A person may buy new clothes, shoes and toys to give them to people he know they cannot afford them but when a person gives others his own things, clothes he will make more space for new things and he will let other people, families be happy in the same time. It is very good thing for a person to give others (people who cannot afford the things ) as a habit.

Some people think if they had given others their things, they will have some problems such as if a person gave others some of his clothes or money, he will have less clothes or money. This does not have to be true. Usually when people buy stuff they buy more than they need, this is why when a person discover some clothes he has he do not wear or things he has he does not use anymore, he should give it to other people who really needs them but cannot afford them.

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Act as your words

In some cultures, men should to stick firmly to their words, but women do not have to. Usually people respects a person who says something and do not change his words later. A person’s behaviours should prove his words,phrase. Men and women should behave in that way.This does not mean a person never changes his thoughts and behaves as a rock, a person should behave to similar to a tree. ( For the tree and rock, you can read ways of living article)

Most of the times when a person do as he said he would do, people will start to treat him as a grown up person. A person whose behaviours and words proves the same thing is a real mature, strong person. Most on the times when a person’s behaviours are the opposite of his words, others will not really depend on him in anything he says.

Usually a person needs to have a strong personality and should be really convinced in the subject or ideas he is talking about to do the things he said he will do. Most of the times grownups are respected because they do not frequently change their words meanings. A person should always think many times about the words he planing to say because once they have been said, a person who said them should prove for others he really mean them.

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The way a person uses his words

Some people do not pay attention to their way of talking and the words they use. They often wonder when other people get upset with them. A person should never forget other people have emotions and feelings too. Usually a person way of talking and behaving  have the power to control the listener’s way of responding.

Words can be powerful. They may have the power to destroys a person’s life or improves it.  They may be the reason of new, good beginnings in a person’s life. Usually a person way of talking and behaving  have the power to control the listener way of responding.

A person may give a word many meanings, it depends on the way he uses. A person may say a specific word in a criticising way, then most of the times he really means the opposite meaning of it. Each person should choose wisely the words and the way he wants or needs to use them in because his words could hurt other people’s feelings.

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Understand yourself first

There are sometimes a person tries his best to explain to others the things he needs in life but people he talks to, won’t understand him. He begins to ask himself questions such as why people I usually easily express my feelings with or tell them my problems now have tough times to understand me? Usually people won’t understand a person they really know for a while is because of two main reasons, the first: he might not really tell them everything in his life .The second reason: He does not understands his own emotions and ideas.

Usually when a person does not understands himself, it will be hard for others to understand him. A person should understand himself, his thoughts,feelings and the things he really wants first then it will be easier for others to understand him. Usually when a person has hard times letting others understand him, it means he has lots of thoughts in his mind or one idea but it means everything to him that he ignores everything else even if he was talking to others, without him knowing.

Most of the times when a person understands himself, feelings, thoughts and emotions he will be more relaxed when he communicates with others. The best and quick way a person can understand his own emotions, ideas and feelings is be having some prevent to think about them. There are some people hate to be alone thinking being alone means being lonely. This idea is not right. Sometimes a person needs to be alone to prevent other people and life events to interfere with his thoughts.

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Communications these days

Communication does not just means a person hears others by his phone or just by messages. It means people talking in the same subject and both of them (the person who is listening and the person who is talking, focus in the same topic. In these days communicating has changed than before.

In these days people who sit together, usually they are doing something else too, such as checking their mobiles, not just to know the time but to have fun.
Usually when a person behaves like this he prevents others to communicate with him even if he do not have any problem if they had talked to him. 
Most of the times, in these day people uses massages rather than calls or face to face talk. Sending messages  is good but it should never replace face to face talk or calls.

When a person wants or needs to communicate with others, he should prevents himself from using anything that lets him live in another world, such as phones. Whenever a person starts to look at his phone or use it while he is sitting with others he prevents them from talking to him even if he do not mind if they did. If a person wants or is sitting with others he should be with them with his mind and body, not just his body. 

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Social places and relationships

In these days most people use social media. There are some people use social medial to sell their products. Most people use them to express their opinions and ideas. There are sometimes a person may start a conversation with others in those places too. Social media places are like anything in life, it can be used for good or bad ways.

Unfortunately, these days some people focus more on their social media friends more than their real life’s relationships. This is one of the reasons real life relationships do not last for a life time, specially marriage. Any person needs to be available all of his time for the other partner, in his mind, thoughts and physically.

Relationships, specially married people should be very careful when dealing with them. Partners, husband and wife’s relationships usually are very sensitive. Usually people who are in relationships wants the relationship to last forever. One of the tips they could use is to avoid using any of the social media places all of the times and use that time to be closer to each other with their feelings through communicating or talking. They should never publish or put in any social media place their problems or things others did to them because this way they tell everyone who reads the things they have written the things the other person had done, specially bad things. This way may prevent a person who did the wrong thing to apologise and it may let him feel some hate feelings towards that person. A person should use any social media properly by not using them while the time he needs to be with others or the time others needs him with them.

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