Beauty products & the real thing

Whenever put a face mask, spread or the regular one, I wonder if it really works or is it just an illusion? Where is the truth?  Can the time that is spent to take care of a and his body have the effect to let them be happier or feel more beautiful afterwords or does the products really work?

Most of the times I think it’s just an illusion because when I just put a face mask for a short time I get satisfied but do not feel the pleasure or happiness if I had a spa and beauty care day at home. A while ago I released that face masks at home or home-made are similar and cheaper than the ones that are at stores and they usually lasts longer before they finish.

I am not writing about this subject to say people should stop buying these products but I am sharing my thoughts on my experience with you. Although I might buy, get some face masks and other beauty products similar to them but not on regular terms.

A while ago I stopped buying new beauty products including creams and I used a natural oil instead, I really did not have to spend a lot of money for creams because I used oil that we get for the home  needs, but I thought is had a smell everyone will know that it was not the kind of oil people usually for the body and I was reading at that time about can an adults use baby products and the articles that I read were,yes an aunt can use children’s product and I love their smell so I shifted to them and I might buy once in a while a grown’s up cream.

The creams ( all kinds ) I really think they work. They really moisture the skin but for the other product such as nose cleaning strip and face masks that can be bought, I do not think they really work. I think we want them to work so we think they work.


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Hair Care

A person should take good care of her hair is she wants it to be long and healthy. There are many ways a person can do to help his hair to be healthier, such as if a person’s hair is very dry she should put oil on it for a while and then she takes a bath or a shower.

People can change their hair color. They can cut it or cut from it too. Cutting a person’s hair is healthy and it can help it to be longer quicker.

There are many things a person can do to his hair. Most of the times when a person takes care of her hair she will be happier, even if she just combed it. A person’s hair is part of her body when a person takes care of his body, he should also take good care with her hair. There are many things she could do to her hair to be healthy, look nicer and she will be happier.

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Make up

In these days most women put make up, it lets a women feels happier. Make up should cover unwanted things on a persons face such as acne. Make up should help a person to show her natural beauty. It should not change a person’s skin colour or anything else. Off-course a person’s beauty a woman or a man depends on his personality and behaviours more than his appearance such as his face.

A person should not put too much make up all of the times because this way may prevent others from seeing her natural beauty. Most people say too much make up can be bad for a person’s skin. In my opinion any thing that is added to life by a human and it is over-used it may be bad or unhealthy for a human to use it.

Some people think if a person puts too much make-up or frequently,it is a sign that person do not have self-confident. A women should be careful when she wants to choose what kind of make-up she wants to put, heavy or light make-up. The lighter a woman puts make-up is the better in my opinion because it helps her to show off her natural beauty.

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