Since I was young I liked taking photos of everything that has some beauty. We had a farm when I was a kid and teenager, I used to go there and take many photos of nature, animals, and people. I like photography because it captures the moment and saves it for a lifetime. I learned taking photos with a camera by practicing.


By practicing through the years and by Powershot Sx50 HS canon Camera

The camera type and how long it can go in the distance (zoom in ) also the quality of the camera in taking photos to to to to to affect the photo that is taken.


The timing is everything!! A photographer ( anyone how likes to take good photos) should always or most of the times have their camera ready to capture the image because most of the time the most beautiful or important moments happen suddenly

Most of the times I like to take photos more than videos is because I feel I can control the photo more than videos.


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There are many places that teach professional photography but I did not go to any till now, maybe later I will 😉  I learned by practicing, watching my wrong ways, developing my ways and learning from anything I can learn from, such as practicing, practicing is one of the most effective ways to be better in taking the right photos, reading about photography and watching  videos can help too.







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Take care of Earth 

Till now no one discovered life ( as we are living on Earth) on other planets. People should really try not to damage Earth and take care of it. Earth is our home, houses should be protected from any damage, such as polluted air, polluted water, and other important things.

Air is very important for all creations. People need fresh air to breathe, animals and plants need fresh air to grow. Usually, fresh or clean air is in places where fewer factories and other stuff that releases gas into the air. Most of the times when a person takes care of anything, it becomes better, The animals and air need our help. People need to always try to make Earth a better place to live in, to have more pure air.


The whole environment needs to be clean for a person to live a good life. A person is similar to a plant, if his environment is unhealthy, most likely he won’t be in good health.

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The importance of water

Water is very important for any living thing, people, animals and plants. Where ever water can be found,there can be life.

Water for animals

All kinds of animals needs water to survive or live. Some animals may drink water simmer like humans,others might just take the amount of water they need from their food.

Drinking water for people

People needs water to live. Water is very important. It is known a person cannot live one whole day without drinking water. There are some people forget to drink water frequently, specially when the weather is cold. Water may give a person some energy to do different things in life.

Most of the times,when a person do not drink water a lot his skin will become dry too. It will look similar to having it scares all around the body.

Water for plants

Plants needs water to live too. Usually plants do not need lots of water all of the times. Some plants might be not healthy or die if it had lots of water. Most plants if not all needs water and sunlight to keep living.

Water is very important for life. Water can be used as decoration such as fountains. All ways the water appear in is beautiful.

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