Anger and ideas

Most of the times when a person is angry and cannot control himself it means he can’t understand his own ideas or his words and actions are faster than his thinking. Usually, if a person is angry it means he is very nerves and he is not able to think reasonable ideas and behave properly.

Usually, a person cannot control himself, his behaviors and responds when he is angry, this is the reason a person should always try to prevent himself from continue communicating with others if he was angry even if they were the reason of his anger. When a person is angry he most of the times will feel like his pressure is very high, he might also feel sad. Usually, his thoughts will be very fast that he cannot really do like all of the ideas he got in his mind, this is one of the reasons a person cannot properly behave if he is angry.

When a person is angry, he will be similar to boiling eggs, he sees the things that let him feel nerves all over the place ( as the hot water ) and his vision is not clear but all he sees is the things he wants ( as the eggs in the pot.) A person should avoid himself from behaving while he is in that mood. Usually, when a person is already angry, his thoughts will let him feel angrier. This is the reason a person should try to prevent himself from thinking if he is really very angry. Whenever he is calm he should try thinking about the same topic again.

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Live WITH others do not BE LIKE them

There are some people behave with certain behaviors just because most people are doing it. A person should always be himself, behaves according to his own ideas and believes. Whenever a person does any behavior just to be like the rest of the the the the people he is with, he deletes his personality and the thing that let him be special among others.

Usually, when a person decides on a decision his family, friends, and people he knows do not take it, they see him as a weird person. Most of the times teenagers decide some decisions they are not really convinced in just because most people they know are doing this behavior or took that decision but most of the times when this teenager grows, he regrets it. Person decisions should be not based on others or his community way of living. He should take decisions he is really convinced in, not another person convinced him into them. He should also beware not to take any kind of decisions, especially life decisions just because all people he knows decided in that way or behaved in that way.

A person should do the things he likes and he should not just do them to be like everyone he knows. He should always be himself in, this does not mean a person should never try to do something good for his life if everyone does it. He should not just copy people’s behaviors just to be like them, he can do the same things he sees and likes in other people’s lives and behaviors if he thinks they are good for himself or suits him but he should not just copy other people behaviors, when a person behaves like this it means he does not live his life in his way, he lives his life by their way.

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Love and love to own

Some people think love and love to own something or have the power over someone are one thing or have the same meaning . This is a mistake, some people do. They have the opposite meanings. Love means: A person wants a specific person to be happy in a place at anytime and that person’s happiness is his happiness too. Love to own or control means: A person wants someone to be with him, even if by force just to let that person to do the things he wants to do and most of the times he does not treat him as a human with feelings, he treats him more as if that person was his servants but without giving them money or anything.

A person should not allow and try to prevent anyone to take advantage of him. Usually when a person just wants to have a relationship with a specific person, it is just because he is being with another person and not with him, or his attention is not with that person. Usually a person who love to own different things such as if they like a certain person they do not allow him to speak or sit with others because they think he belongs to them, similar to when a person have a toothbrush, he does not allow anyone to uses it but at least he has some real excuses for the toothbrush.

Usually a person does not like to be with anyone who always tries to control him just because he thinks he is one of his personal things. Love does not mean controlling a person’s behaviours. It means a person wants a certain person to be happy at all times and in any circumstances as long as that person does not have any problems. Love means letting a person be free to go while hoping he will stay forever.

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Give to bring happiness

It is a good thing when a person gives his things, clothes, shoes and toys to people who cannot afford them. It will make more free room in his place and will let people who receive them be happy because he have something to let him feel warm. A person should always gives others the things he has but do not use anymore.

Usually whenever a person gives others ( people who cannot afford to buy them ) his unused things such as toys, he will be joyful because he know he had done a good deed. A person may buy new clothes, shoes and toys to give them to people he know they cannot afford them but when a person gives others his own things, clothes he will make more space for new things and he will let other people, families be happy in the same time. It is very good thing for a person to give others (people who cannot afford the things ) as a habit.

Some people think if they had given others their things, they will have some problems such as if a person gave others some of his clothes or money, he will have less clothes or money. This does not have to be true. Usually when people buy stuff they buy more than they need, this is why when a person discover some clothes he has he do not wear or things he has he does not use anymore, he should give it to other people who really needs them but cannot afford them.

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The real meaning

Did you ever thought what does ( I love you ) phrase really means? These words are very special when they are spoken or written, especially if they were from a special person because they let the receiver feel happy. It lets a person be in a good mood because it tells him, he is accepted as he is by a specific person.

When a person says “I love you” to a specific person, it really means he accepts the other person as she or he is, without trying to change him and he always feels he wants her or him to be beside him all of the time. It also means a person accepts the other person as he is and he feels that the person is his other half, it also means a person’s heart and thoughts are with the other person. (This only happens between men and women.) A person does not need to say “I love you” phrase to let the other person know, he could tell he loves that specific person by his behaviors. Usually, behaviors are stronger than words.

Love is a beautiful feeling but since it is a feeling, it means people cannot look directly at it. Some people may use it as an excuse to do anything they want, even if the things they want to do harm others. This is the reason many people, women, and men doubt when a person ( if from the other type) said it to them.

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Word’s power vs action’s power

Words can be very powerful if a person used them in the right time and the in right way. Words have the ability to destroys a person’s life or improves it but actions are stronger than words. There are some people who say ńwords are actions but that is not true. A person’s actions and behaviors show others his real personality.

Actions: A person does something.

Words: The things people or a person says or writes.

Words do not have any value or true meaning if a person’s actions are the opposite. A person does not need to tell other his plans, goals in life, he should show them by his actions. Words may get misunderstood by some people but actions do not!

Usually, actions such as when a person helps others by any way ( physically ) can let them feel happier than just telling them he wants to help them. If he does not tell them he wants to help them, it means he did not make a promise but when he says he will help them, he might be their only one who says this to them and if he could not help them they will be deeply disappointed in him but when he helps them they will be surprised and feel happier if he did not promise them.

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Way of living

In life, there are three types of people. Each person could be or like a stone, water or a tree. There are some sad or bad times come in every person’s life. A person should do his best to be strong while he is having a problem and always have hope to solve it or to do the things he really wants.

A Stone

When a person is like a stone or a rock it means he does not change his mind or behavior even if he is wrong. Even if everyone thinks he is wrong or he is the reason for other people’s problems. Usually, people who are like this, get crushed from inside. Most of the time, people who behave like this do not communicate with others easily and they are usually closed-minded.


When a person is like water it means he can easily go to go to every place and do anything he wants. He can easily be changed into another person. It doesn’t matter if he becomes good or a bad person if anyone tried to change him. Also, he can easily create his own path or way of living if he really wanted to, most of the times he does not care about others.

A Tree

A tree stays in place for a long time. Its roots can go through the ground or anything else if it is a strong tree just to reach water. It always stays standing upright no matter what the weather is. In the same time, it goes from side to side when there is a strong wind.

A person should be like a tree because it has the the the the the the most benefits. He should not change his good manners and behavior. He should always improve himself to become a better person and always do the things he thinks are right and suits himself. He should work through hard times and easy times like the tree roots, to get the things he really wants in life. A person should never feel embarrassed or have his head down if he did not get the things he wanted. He should have his head up at all times and just keep trying to reach the things he really wants. Sometimes a person needs to change his thoughts about certain things or do something just because others asked him to, this situation is similar to a treetop and the wind.  When a person is similar to a tree, his life might get a lot easier than before.

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