Stuffed toys and safe feelings

Stuffed toys could be seen almost in any place. People from different ages and culture have different knowledge uses stuffed toys. Most of the times stuffed toys helps a person to express his feelings.

Most people think toys, stuffed animals are only for babies. That means teenagers and grown-ups do not use them. Stuffed toys could be used by any person at any age. Most of the times stuffed animals, toys are mostly used when a person wants to sleep. Usually,y people get more emotional at night that is the reason people want or needs stuffed toys to hug if they do not have another person they sleep with and hug while they are sleeping.

Usually, people who do not feel safe or they feel insecure, they also feel they need a hug to feel everything went wrong in that day will be right in the second day even if they knew this idea is not true. There are sometimes a person makes believe he and the stuffed toy have feelings to each other. Most of the time that kind of makes believe will let a person really feel that there is a connection and he or she will start to have emotions for that stuffed toy. Most of the times people hug pillows and stuffed toys to replace them with people they want to be with but they cannot. Most of the times stuffed toys symbolizes a person misses a certain person, such as his love for life, a family member he is used to sleeping with .

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