Speaking about others

There are some people like to talk about others or a specific person in front of others if he is not with them. Most of the times those people hate it, if they knew others were talking about them and they were not present in that time. Usually a person get angry if he knew a person was telling others his mistakes and bad points in his personality.

A person should not talk about others in any bad or unhappy way if he do not like others to talk about him because whenever a person talked about a certain person, that person might know and he might get angry. Each person should treat others in the way he likes them to treat him by. Usually when a person who starts to speak about another person’s bad points, he is actually showing others his own bad points in his personality without knowing.

Most of the times, no one can learn valuable lessons from conversation about other people’s private lives and their way of responses for others. Most of the times people who talk about others in that way have one of two reasons, the first is: they are jealous from that person.The second is they feel they are upset with anger feelings towards that person because he did a certain thing

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