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Social places and relationships

In these days most people use social media. Most people use them to express their opinions and ideas. There are sometimes a person may start a conversation with others in those places too. Social media places are like anything in life, it can be used for good or bad ways.

Unfortunately, these days some people focus more on their social media friends more than their real lives relationships. This is one of the reasons real life relationships do not last for a life time, specially marriage. Any person needs to be available all of his time for the other partner, in his mind,thoughts and physically.

Relationships, specially marriage people should be very careful when dealing with them. Partners or husband and wife’s relationships usually are very sensitive. Usually people who are in relationships wants the relationship to last forever. One of the tips they could use is to avoid using any of the social media places all of the times and use that time to be closer to each other with their feelings through communicating or talking. They should never publish or put in any social media place their problems or things others did to them because this way tell everyone who reads the things they have written the things the other person had done,specially bad things. This way may prevent a person who did the wrong thing to apologise and it may let him feel some hate feeling towards that person. A person should use any social media properly by not using them while the time he needs to be with others or the time others needs him with them.

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