Some of my personal ideas بعض افكاري الشخصية

1 – A bad/unfair person is like a huge stone that has a very stinky smell (garbage smell) blocking other people’s lives from improving in the way they want it to be in.

2 – When a person grows up, she or he should be able to undo anything the parents did when she/he was a child/ a kid or teenager

٣_الرجوله ؛ ذكر بالغ يدافع عن الحق ، باي وقت الواحد يظلم (آي انسان)= رجل او إمرأه أو طفل او كبير، تسقط الرجولة منه.

٤.اي شخص تكون لدية القدره ان يوقف الغلط و الظلم ولكن لا يسعى لهذا الشيء فهو شريك بالظلم

٥.المفروض الانسان يتعلم من الماضي و يتفادى أخطائه ولكن لا يعيش فيه. #ذكري_سقوط_الاندلس

  1. Do not except a person to stand up for others, if he did not stand up for his self when he is not satisfied with his life. It’s either a person has the courage and powers to change or stand up for himself and others or he does not.

٧.العنصريه تخرب الرجوله و تضع الشخص العنصري (انثى او ذكر ) بستوى واطي اخلاقيا.

  1. Complaining and blaming others (even if the situation it their fault will not solve the problem.

  2. I think it’s strange that people feel the need to talk about everything thing even the things that are not in their control such as other people’s way of behaving

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