Self Control

One of the best things a person could do for himself is to have stable self-control, he or she controls her emotions, she or he chooses the feelings that she wants to show for others. It does not mean acting. It means a person does not let his feelings or emotions control his behaviors and responds towards others.

Self-control allows a person to be strong and have reasonable thinking in front of others, in many situations. Such as if a person is angry instead of shouting at others the things he wants, he tells them or asks them in a polite way. Being angry or nerves does not give anyone the right to be impolite when he communicates with others.

When a person does not think about his responds and behaviors before he or she acts, his behaviors will be guided by his emotions, not by his mind or thoughts. It is very good for any person to behave naturally or behaves by the things he usually do but there are in some situations a person needs to think just for few seconds about his responds and behaviors in front of others so he won’t be like just an emotional talking person who does not have any logic in his words.

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