Say it to believe it

There are sometimes a person is convinced in a specific idea but he does not have the courage to say it to others or he is a little shy to see others hear his idea from himself. There can be several reasons for that feeling. There is a way a person can do to prevent himself from being shy and tell others the things he wants to tell them about.

A person can repeats in his mind, the ideas or the things he wants to tell others about and really think about them. He needs to also think if he is really convinced in that idea or not. Usually, if a person is convinced in any thought he can easily let others be convinced in it too. Each person has his own way of letting himself feel stronger but that idea may work for most people.

Some people say a person repeats a lie until he believes it is true. It means repetition lets a person have more courage to say this thing he wants or needs to say. When a person repeats and remembers anything in his mind, he also remembers or feels the same feelings again, such as if a person was in a situation and he felt strong, whenever he remembers the situation he remembers his true strength.

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