It is good for children to know how to take care of themselves. It is better for them to know how to take care of other people and animals, rather than just to think they are the only important ones in life. Usually when a person handles responsibilities, it shows if he is a mature person or not.

There are many ways parents, people who are responsible of children can teach their kids to take responsibilities. It is better for a grown up and teenager to learn to take responsibilities while they were kids. If kids learn to take responsibilities , it will be easier for them to handle bigger or more important, complicated responsibilities when they are teenagers and grown ups.

Responsibilities has two important parts, the first: A person is responsible for himself. The second: A person being responsible for another person or pets.

Responsibility for himself:

Each person should be responsible for himself. When a person is responsible for himself it means he is reasonable for his behaviours. It also means a person does not blame others if he had a problem. A person’s responsibility may be the reason for his freedom too.

Responsibility for pets and other people:

One of the best ways people can teach a kid to be responsible of others is by letting him be responsible of pets, such as fish. Most of the times fish does not really need a lot of daily work, cleaning the tank especially if the tank has a filter and it is large. Parents could let their kid or daughter to be responsible for the fish food, but they also help be checking on the tank and fish.

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