Read books

Reading is very good, it allows a person to have different kinds of information. In the past few years, lots of people used to read paper books or printed books. These days most people read different kinds of information in different ways.

This generation, most of the times people uses the internet to search for different kinds of information rather than reading in paper books. The internet is a good place to read from, but it does not replace books. There are different topics or books to read from. Usually, a good book takes the reader through a journey. A person should never really stop reading books but once he starts reading, he should read all kinds of books, books that have opposite opinions as his and subjects he is not really very interested in.

Usually, when a person reads a book, it puts certain thoughts in his mind and if he did not change the book’s topics he reads regularly, by time passes most likely he will be closed-minded. A person needs to choose the books he wants to read from different categories. Books can be used almost in every place, such as airplanes.



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