Own Opinion

Every person should show his own opinion. There are some people think since some group of people said anything,the things they say is always true. They copy their words to others and if anyone asked them about their own opinion, they do not know how to respond. It is good for a person to like other people’s ideas or opinions but it is better if a person have his own idea.

A person should say his own ideas and beliefs because these things are the things which shows his personality. Any person, no matter what is his age is should show his opinion. A person opinion is the thing that makes a person be mature or not. When a person copies other people’s opinion all of the times, it means he removes himself from life, he removes his personality.

Each person has different personality, it shows by his or her behaviours, opinions and ideas. Most or all of the times any person behaviours starts as an idea then if a person is convinced in it, that idea will be his behaviour and opinions.

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