New you plan

There is no perfect person in life or flawless, but a person should always improve his personality. There are many ways a person could use to improve himself or change something in his personality and life to make them better. When a person tries to improve himself, it means he is really growing up or becoming a mature person.

Most people like to let their new personality to appear to others with the new year, others like to let it be with their birth date. Every birthday a person has means a day to welcome or to begin living his or her life with her or his new, improved personality. A person may notice from other people’s response to him or her if her or his behaviors were right or wrong. A person may also let a specific person tells him, or shows him his, flows by asking him.

Most of the times a person needs to write on a paper the things he or she wants to change in his or her personality on any place she or he could see it regularly. He or she should read it frequently until the date he or she puts for the new, improved personality to reveal. A person should put a date or a day to let his or her new, improved personality to show. It is better for a person to train himself or herself on the new personality for a while, such as if a person wants to be more organized with his or her place and ideas, she or he should try to be organized but if he or she failed for the first time she or he should keep trying and some days she or he could just stop trying for a day then in the second day she or he should try again till the day or date he or she had put to be from that day and on in the new personality.

Changing the things in the list, a person wants or needs to be every year depends on the progress of that person. Each person is different, such as a person may need to change a specific habit he could change it in few weeks but sometimes he needs some longer time, he may need to put that goal in the next year list if he had associated his personality improvements with his birthday.

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