Nature and city life style

These days most people like the human-made things more than natural things, such as some people appreciate money, technology and the city life more than the natural things such as plants. Life does not have borders, it means nature, plants, animals and weather are parts of life too. People should not just limit their life styles with the new inventions and indoors activities.

Most of the times when a person live in a farm or other natural places, he begins to think differently towards life, than a person who only lives in the city, that has streets and few or no plants and free animals. In farms a person ( a child) learns to really care about all of the animals,plants. Almost all people who had experienced life on a farm they appreciate nature more than money life style.

A person should care more about nature and all natural things in life more than money. Most of the times a person who cares or live his life on a farm and natural things can really understand life more than a person who just live in a city because a person on a farm can deal with other people and different kinds of animals, plants. When a person take care of plants or animals for a while, he may learn a lot of valuable life lessons.

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