My experience with both phones

From years I hear some groups of people talk about how wonderful it is to have either an iPhone and an an Android phone. I had a blackberry since it was an aaa new thing then I switched to android phones for years. I had three or four Android phones throw out the years. Whenever a person says to me to buy a new phone (another brand) I just refuse, because it (Android phone ) had many details I am used to and some I love till now.

Recently my phone’s screen was broken a little and its charger stops working after few months, so my phone service provider got lucky because usually, I do not free on any promotion because I do not want to change my phone, in the promotion was an iPhone include with it. Usually, whenever my provider tells me about any premonition, I do not take it but this time I really listened to him and I agreed, there was sometimes I changed my mind because of of-of of-of the fact I am used to an Android system for a long time. Now after about a month, I notice the differences between an iPhone 8 and galaxy.

Here I will share with you the differences between the two systems that I noticed while using them: 


Has shortcuts are from everywhere such as screenshots can be taken from side folder or from pressing real buttons. ( that one I love because sometimes I do not press the right bottom to take a screenshot)

I can change the color of a folder, easier to find things without reading the folder’s name.


Screenshots can only be taken by pressing actual buttons, multiple buttons at the same time. I have an iPad and I like how they both can get notified in the same time such as calls, if I am using my iPad and I got a call on my phone, there will be a message on the iPad to tell me about the call. The apps can be downloadable in both devices, most of the times, that’s the reason there is not a lot of new things I have to get used to.

I like to read your thoughts on those smartphones and other smartphones, as you can see I used an iPhone just months ago, that is the reason I do not have a lot of experience using it.


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