Mind and Feelings

There are some people’s emotions control their behaviours. Most of the times when a person’s emotions control his behaviours, his actions and behaviours won’t be reasonable. There are some situations a person needs to behave only by his thoughts, such as if a person thinks specific person did something wrong, he says his opinion. In other situations a person may need to behave by his feelings or emotions such as if a person saw his friend crying or upset, he should sit and talk, to let him feel better.


Usually men are known, for their self-control and thinking way. They do not behave by certain behaviours just because of their emotions. Most of the times their feelings do not come over their thoughts and behaviours. Meanwhile in some situations men’s feelings or emotions can really control their behaviours such as if a man really loves a specific women.


Women are known for their emotions controlling their behaviours more than their ideas. They are opposite of men. This does not mean all women think with their emotions. There are sometimes a woman may just behave by her ideas but most or all woman’s behaviours are based on her emotions.

Each person may need to behave in certain moments in his life just by his ideas and not his emotions and sometimes a person may need to behave by his feelings or emotions. Men and women have feelings and emotions, both of them may need to behave just by their ideas and in other times by their feelings and emotions.


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