Love from first sight

Love is rare. Some people believe in love from first sight, others do not. Love does not have to be two people feel the same feeling, it could be one person feels he is attracted or attached to a specific person but that person does not have the same feelings towards him.

In life, love and relationships are not like the ones in the movies. Love for people is like water to a flower. A flower can live in a vase for days but then it will die and have a bad smell, I mean love could always feel new if two people cared about it and each other but if they BOTH treated (love) like it is not an important thing, it may die. This does not mean all on-going relationships starts with a love story. There are a lot of on-going marriages, each partner is happy with the others but they did not have any love story before they were married.

Love means a person feels his heart is with another person. It also means a person’s thoughts are always or most of the times about a specific person. Most of the times love lets a person be kinder when he communicates with others. There are some people may love a specific person from first sight.

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