Love and love to own

Some people think love and love to own something or have the power over someone are one thing or have the same meaning . This is a mistake, some people do. They have the opposite meanings. Love means: A person wants a specific person to be happy in a place at anytime and that person’s happiness is his happiness too. Love to own or control means: A person wants someone to be with him, even if by force just to let that person to do the things he wants to do and most of the times he does not treat him as a human with feelings, he treats him more as if that person was his servants but without giving them money or anything.

A person should not allow and try to prevent anyone to take advantage of him. Usually when a person just wants to have a relationship with a specific person, it is just because he is being with another person and not with him, or his attention is not with that person. Usually a person who love to own different things such as if they like a certain person they do not allow him to speak or sit with others because they think he belongs to them, similar to when a person have a toothbrush, he does not allow anyone to uses it but at least he has some real excuses for the toothbrush.

Usually a person does not like to be with anyone who always tries to control him just because he thinks he is one of his personal things. Love does not mean controlling a person’s behaviours. It means a person wants a certain person to be happy at all times and in any circumstances as long as that person does not have any problems. Love means letting a person be free to go while hoping he will stay forever.

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