Lost in world

Life is similar to big rooms or places in a house, a palace or a mall. Usually, big rooms or places in a building have many doors or ways a person can go through to get to a specific place. If a person did not find the things he wants in a specific mall he usually goes to another mall. A person’s life is the same thing, such as if a person tried to get a specific thing in a specific way but it did not work she or he should try other ways till he or she has the things she or he wants or needs.

A person should not quickly give up and stay in his or her room, she or he is already in   ( in life) just because the ways he or she tried did not help him or her to go to the place she or he wants or get the things he or she needs.  For example, if a person is lost in a mall, he or she did not know the way or the door he or she used to go to his or her car, she or he will try different doors to go through till she or he finds his or her car.

People may get lost in a mall, this situation can be in life. A person may get lost in life too, he or she may not know the things she or he really wants in life for a while but afterward he or she may know exactly the things he or she wants and works towards it. He or she should just keep searching for the things she or he wants, similar to a person who lost his or her car.


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