Live WITH others do not BE LIKE them

There are some people behave with certain behaviors just because most people are doing it. A person should always be himself, behaves according to his own ideas and believes. Whenever a person does any behavior just to be like the rest of the the the the people he is with, he deletes his personality and the thing that let him be special among others.

Usually, when a person decides on a decision his family, friends, and people he knows do not take it, they see him as a weird person. Most of the times teenagers decide some decisions they are not really convinced in just because most people they know are doing this behavior or took that decision but most of the times when this teenager grows, he regrets it. Person decisions should be not based on others or his community way of living. He should take decisions he is really convinced in, not another person convinced him into them. He should also beware not to take any kind of decisions, especially life decisions just because all people he knows decided in that way or behaved in that way.

A person should do the things he likes and he should not just do them to be like everyone he knows. He should always be himself in, this does not mean a person should never try to do something good for his life if everyone does it. He should not just copy people’s behaviors just to be like them, he can do the same things he sees and likes in other people’s lives and behaviors if he thinks they are good for himself or suits him but he should not just copy other people behaviors, when a person behaves like this it means he does not live his life in his way, he lives his life by their way.

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